Day 8 of what I think was hot this year

Hip Hop Album: Gangrene Gutter Water


West Coast Boom Bap Hip Hop still here as long as Oh No and Alchemist have anything to do about it. I swear between Gutter Water and 1982 as well as other albums the Boom Bap was brought back to the streets and radio…. Satellite radio that is.  I’m a fan of both men and this album is nothing but gutter Hip Hop with lyrics all day, even the beats that come off as odd before the verses start make so such sense once someone starts spitting. “Take Drugs” was the first song I had heard from this album and I banging that shit hard once I got a hold of the single. I swear the beats are almost Mobb Deep-ish, I really could hear a throwback Prodigy and newly extra nice Havoc over some of those beats. Other I could hear Planet Asia, Dilated People kill. The album is dope hands down dope.

Hip Hop single: Statik Selektah and Termanology feat. Xzibit and Cassidy Goin Back

I fuck with this song and like Term said M.O.P could have been on this shit all day. No one was a weak link on this track to me even though Cassidy was the better of the three and felt good to hear Mr. Pimp My Ride get back to his Boom Bap which is what made me a fan anyway when it comes to his music.

Non Hip Hop Album: Carolina Chocolate Drop: Genuine Negro Jigs


No, this is not a joke, they are a real group and THAT is the name of the album… I, off the thought of what person(s) would do this kind of music checked this group out. Now this music works better when watching The Color Purple, The Great Debaters, Queen or Roots for some reason to me. They have like one song a remake of the Blu Cantrell song (that I saw miss Black Tail do her own song and not know the words to it once, shit was sad yo, real sad) “Hit Em Up Style”, pass that it is really some throwback shit. I mean like some great grandparents. Genuine Negro Jigs isn’t for all people I know a few dudes who took offense to it when I sent them a link with their music on it. The thing is that music is a part of our history as it is for whites. I like the album I think it was dope, I see they have a nice following too so they prove good music is good music.

Non Hip Hop song Lauren Pritchard Wasted In Jackson

Here is a song that seems to have various release dates and is proof of two things.

  1. Good music is timeless
  2. Labels play too many games

This song is listed on a track list for a 2011 album and can from what I’ve seen online be traced back to 07’. I heard it this year and the shit is hot and honest. It’s something even if you’re from a major city you can relate to. You just feel you’d make it somewhere else and those around you seem content with a stagnant life doing what they are doing. The music is somewhat kind of poppy but has a enough of substance to back the lyrics that make a lot of sense. “But everybody’s wasted, I don’t wanna waste in Jackson/ Never gonna face it, No one wants to change in Jackson/ But I’m awake now, breaking out now, sorry town.” At some point I think everyone feels like that even when it’s going good.


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