Day 9 of what I think was hot this year.

Hip Hop album: Eternia and Moss At Last


From the intro where the topic of the lack of real female MCs who can spit comes up to the first track that proves why what hype Eternia has gotten is worth it. This album could have easily been written off as a battle rap braggy album but then once “Pass That” comes on shit gets deeper. “Pass That”, ‘To The Past”, and ‘The Future” are the better tracks to me but I love life rhymes. From the guest to the beats backing by Moss makes At Last is ill Hip Hop. It’s nice to know two issues have been addressed with this album, a dope new female MC and Canada Hip Hop is still going strong.

Hip Hop song Eminem and Slaughterhouse ; Session One

What do you get when one of Hip Hop lillest lyrists connects with a four man group of more lyrically inclined MCs minus one (Joe Budden isn’t on this for some reason) for a track produced by Just Blaze??? Session One. This is nothing but “The Symphony” on Red Bull, Coke, Steroids, and that Four Loko shit. These dudes spazzed out on this track with no remorse for shit.  This should be on everyones list as that shit this year, the hype of Em and Royce spitting on a track together alone is worth the listen.

Non Hip Hop Album: Marc Cohn Listening Booth 1970

listenig booth 1970
Don’t ask why I seem to rock a lot of albums with nothing but cover songs but I did and I like them a lot too. Listening Booth 1970 is another one of them that really was cool to me.  Cohn is very mellow, sometimes even too mellow to even be worth listening to. On here though that laid back vibe of his music works out very well. Take the Smokey Robinson classic “Tears Of  A Clown”, Cohn slowed it down like a mother fucker and gave it a nice acoustic sound and completely made it unique. Most songs if you didn’t know them could fall in to his catalog because he made the songs his own.

Non Hip Hop Song: El DeBarge Close To You

So a DeBarge besides Chico made himself known this year and it was the other El famous brother. The album is very hit and miss, then it gets Christmas songy near the end. One song that wasn’t bad and was reminiscent of the 80’s was “Close To You”. It could be the main reason why I like the song so much really.  Nothing to fancy and it’s not looking to cater to a younger audience it’s just a nice quick simple love song.  It’s the highlight on the whole Second Change album if you ask me.


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