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So Saturday I went to check out a show on Blogtalkradio as well as look to TRY and to upload songs again. I see I have a message, I check it out see there is one from the site. This message is informing me my free account status will under go major changes. 

  1. I can only have one thirty minute show per day
  2. Only upload three song for use during this thirty minute show
  3. No scheduling shows during the prime time hours (never did that shit anyway)
  4. No more of the private scheduling either, I know a lot of free users used that for those interviews that they would playback and talk about if the guest wouldn’t be available for the live show.

For the record when I signed on you could get two hours free, upload as much as wanted, do the private show/practice show and maybe even do more than one show (never tried that or witnessed it done) The $39 version isn’t even that different from what was given free other than now you can get primetime slots, use Skype (like your phone wasn’t enough???), edit your show (delete fucked up comments by callers I guess), delete shows (huh why) and get priority support as opposed to what they were giving out in the first place. BTR cut an hour and a half time of the max time that was given away for free. The $39 version only allows two hours max??? Why not make the longest free show be an hour?

 Now the cost to live the life that was once free is $39 a month, not bad, not good either though. The fact you’re now charging people who from what I notice do this as a hobby, good fun, a way to get what they have on their minds and in their hearts out and just to find people who share interests and thoughts is kind of crazy. I mean no one is really eating off this like that, there is no backing behind too many people who use BTR.  I mean people are at home, hell I’ve listened to shows while an award show was on television.  I heard the host and people who were on the air talk about what just happened as well as read thing in the chat room about the events. The host isn’t at some building with a logo on it somewhere, their at home.

 Look I might be coming off a bit odd like I might not want to pay a buck away from $40 a month for to host my show which was once a week, and there are some people I see who have shows bi-weekly, $40 dollars a month for two shows??? What benefit packages can possibly even that out? Now I know some shows are popping everyday and night, they may feel the advantage of the upgrade. If you’re jumping on with a show a week or bi-weekly or hell monthly maybe there should be a different fee.

 My other issue is I’m not paying $39 a month when the service sucks. The last few shows I’ve heard I heard the host of those shows complained about the service. Hell I didn’t do my show for months just cause the service sucked, I still can’t upload an audio file, it gets to 13% and just stops… For HOURS, I went to work and came back and the file still hadn’t uploaded. That’s a problem that once I pay can easily be fixed? If so then that’s a shame, to allow your site to be shit for free users as a way to motivate them to upgrade. What you will end up doing is running these people away from your site.

 I came to BTR because the movement was cool, it was easy to use and yes you came away with a lot for free. This is really the radio site with free user function that had, yes HAD so much going on. People have had many celebrities, politicians and athletes on their shows.. Is that it, BTR wants to cash in on the hard work of those who host a show? Again these people work regular jobs, this isn’t putting paper on the mortgage, and make time to make sure they get guest for their shows. Those same people who I know have many of the same complaints I have can easily slide to another site and make the same great moves there for free or on a cheaper scale and maybe without less issues.

 As for now I’m going to feel free and ask my questions to them in an email. Again I have no problem paying I have a problem with the feeling I just got bullied into paying.


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