Eyes On This MC Lyte


I remember getting the Eyes On This album and not because of “Cha Cha Cha” but because of “Survival Of The Fittest”. As I said many times before, I listened to WRAP and there was some other station that played the non singles from Hip Hop albums and that song was recorded when I just let the night go once. Once I got about $40 I got that album as well as a two other ones. To me Lyte was that chick hands down, I know people had their favorites but she just seem to go harder than almost every other female in the game at the time.

So the albums starts on with what was the first single Eyes On This which was “Cha Cha Cha”. The song still holds up well from the beat to lyrics, not all songs can do that on this albums sad to say. “Slave 2 The Rhythm” is just an ill battle track, which this album has many shots taken at Antoinette A (A female MC who Lyte was battling at the time). Not that the songs or lines aren’t hot but to complain that your target spent a good portion of her album to dissing you and Lyte did the same thing on her album sounds hypocritical. Besides those diss tracks the album has many ventures to other topics like the drug dealer 3 minutes and drama “Not With A Dealer”. “Cappuccino” has a nice tale to it and the video back then helped sell the song even more. “Please Understand” is about her man troubles, it was cool because she comes off believable on the track completely.

Where it doesn’t work or hold up of course is the what seem to be a Hip Hop thing back then to let your DJ get on the album and do his thing for 3 minutes. DJ K-Rock isn’t to my knowledge one of those dudes you couldn’t wait to come on the record and do his thing on a record so “K-Rocks Housin” is kinda lame. It was lame back when I had the album as a kid, I never played this shit after the first go around. A few of the beats some are dated as well, not many though. Something like “Cha Cha Cha” uses some old school breaks and it comes out perfect there then there is “Funky Song” that comes off odd. I know King Of Chill produced a nice chunk of the album and some idea beats wise were bold for it’s time just as the concepts Lytes tried with her rhymes.

If Lyte As A Rock showed that Lyte could get it in with the men in the game Eyes On This shows she deserved to be mentioned as one the top MCs in the game at the time in general. There really isn’t a bad verse on the album. Like I said the disses got old after awhile, but her story raps works as well as her braggy shit.  This like Lytes’ first album is a classic album. If you got into to light during the kicking it with Missy and Xscape days and don’t understand the hype check this album out and see why she among the first three names people say when you say Female MC


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