Nation Report Card: Blacks students score lower than whites, shocker

So when I heard this report Tuesday and then looked on line and read the report I wasn’t shocked, why should I have been. It’s sad to say but it’s normal now, this report of the Nation Report Card shouldn’t surprise anyone. I’m at the age now I feel disrespected not that these reports are so unfixable to blacks and Latino students but that people seem shocked when they hear this. The person who interviews some know it all will ask the same questions, “Were you surprised at the report”, “What does this mean?” and the one I love is any questions asking to explain why this is the case? What’s even worst this person does just that, explains this reason(s) for minority students doing poorly.

 The reason is so obvious and the answers to fix this are so easy but somehow nothing gets done, nothing has been done for years. To report a problem is to acknowledge there is a problem, to not attempt to fix that problem or just as bad give a half ass attempt to fix it means you really don’t care. How can people care if this is and has been the case for generations now? You will hear these “know it alls” tell the people interviewing them all the solutions as their hypothetically speaking. No one interviewing these people asks why hasn’t anything happened so far to fix this problem? That is a very important question that needs to be asked and truthfully answered even if we don’t like the answer.

 The problem as I have said and believe is minorities aren’t part of any real movement at all when it comes to education. Let me back track low income, urban, inner city minorities are not a voice in the education system. The fact that the local news report on this issue was nothing more than a quick sentence that if you weren’t paying attention you missed it and Tuesday the bombing in Russia and what Obama will say in his address was the news. Hell, Taco Bell and the “beef” news was bigger news than our nation’s future isn’t really doing well academically and those of color are doing even worse. Parents, teachers and school board members who are concerned about this aren’t the ones interviewed because it will become a race issue. Why shouldn’t it be, the report makes it out as one. The report has divided students by race, not residential or economical background. So if it looks as if our country doesn’t care about the future of our minorities that should be addressed. Obama Tuesday night spoke on how having just a high school education will no longer do to get a job and to get a higher learning should be affordable. It would be nice get the most out of the free education for all students first.

 To hear Obama speak on China is an insult to our educational system point blank. While listening to All Things Considered yesterday I heard Vivian Stewart who is Senior Advisor for Education of Asian Society stated that basically the 70’s is when China really started to come into their own when it comes to education. Within forty years they are ahead of America and have been for decades when it comes to education. To state it has to do with the country placing such an emphasis on education sounds good for China but makes it seem as if we’re not that focused on education. I do agree with Stewart when she spoke on parents are also a major factor in China, that’s the case here in America as well. There was a report a few weeks ago was released about how poor parents don’t really talk to their children, read to them and teach them basics such as counting and other stuff. That could be a major point against minorities but is it really that big of a deal? Is that the reason why urban schools suck, since the parents haven’t done their part schools should put less of an effort to those students? How about the investment in our urban schools with heavily minority students not having close to state of the art stuff going on in those schools. We hear how middle school students on an average are computer savvy and have been around computers whether home or in school since a toddler…Guess who’s out of that average? Low income area school are still old school with “computer classes”, it’s not a fluent part of the academic curriculum as it is in school in the suburbs, so low income students are behind from the early stages of school. This is about the lack of our country not wanting to invest in urban schools which hinders those students and in turn will leave those future adults locked out of the work force. Again if you admit there is a problem and know what needs to be done to begin to help solve the problem and you choose not to solve it then you are the problem. The minority/low income students are the victims here, real children not numbers on a stat chart.


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