New Thundercats???


While on Screen Rant I Sunday I came across the pictures of the new Thundercats series Cartoon Network will be airing. The three things that stuck out to me were

  1. The drawings are too Anime for even my taste
  2. Lion-O looks really young
  3. Where are WilyKit and Wilykat in these pictures?

Reading all the comments everyone had an issue with just how young Lion-O looks and how bulky Panthro looked. As Josh R commented “Lion o is just plain to young. Maybe it’s the old fan in me coming out saying “don’t change a thing!”. He was probably made younger to appeal to the younger generation… wait a minute, i was the young generation of the original series and i thought a late 20′s/ 30 lion o kicked ass!”  

 That got me thinking because we hear that so much more now, or maybe as we get older and these remakes are coming from stuff those of us remember from the 80’s and 90’s we see the watering down process straight on more. One thing about those cartoons in the 80’s and 90’s is they weren’t simple cartoons at all, they were young people soap operas. If you asked me every cartoon dealing with heroes and villains went out of their way to NOT be the Super Friends. Even Bruce Timm said that they went out of their way to insure that the Justice League series on Cartoon Network wouldn’t look like that Super Friends at all. The Super Friends were cool, all those Hanna –Barbera hero cartoons were good for the 60’s and 70’s. But something happened somewhere in the 80’s for cartoons

 Why is Cartoon Network even doing this? The network has had great success Justice League and Justice League Unlimited and past success with Anime shows during the 4pm-7pm time slot in the past. If it wasn’t for Cartoon Network Dragon Ball Z would not have been so popular in America if you ask me (Lion-O looks like one them too, a bit taller and less bulky though).All the super heroes in the past were adults, this young concept is still fairly new. Even though The Teen Titans were young the fact they were definitely made for children season one and then got a bit more serous plot wise later on. I’m not saying the show won’t do well but to be honest that was the whole plot of the first season. The fact that Lion-O aged rapidly physically once they came from the capsules and how Lion-O and the others dealt with it. I’m sure you can still play off the fact your leader is young, but his growth was a big part of that dynamic. Maybe I also want the show to remain the way it was when I was young. I do know Cartoon Network rarely messes up a show that it has remade even if you don’t like the look, and I’m not counting the He-Man show years back as a failure either, it just never had a good time slot.

 I can deal with a young Lino-O as long as there is no The Teen Tutans season one stuff going on


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