Cuomo shutting prisons down in New York


“If people need jobs, let’s get people jobs.” “Don’t put other people in prison to give some people jobs. Don’t put other people in juvenile justice facilities to give some people jobs. That’s not what this state is all about, and that has to end this session.”

  This situation reminds me of an episode of Oz where Augustus Hill during his monologue throughout the show talked about the economics and politics and how it relates to the prison systems. I heard this is passing the other week and then saw it again last week, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is looking to close about ten prisons. It’s all about money, there aren’t as many prisoners as it once was in New York State so the logic is why not close prisons. We all know by now the cost it takes to take care of an inmate, think of the money saved closing several state ran places down completely. Of course this also means jobs will be lost, state jobs at that but there has to be another way to get employment?  Again, with the facts being that crime has dropped, well convictions, and closings will help the State budget.

  Many people in the news media are looking at how will those small town and rural area people be affected by the closures. It’s understandable if you live in those areas you are worried, pissed and scared of the outcome.  It’s just as scary to know that in the end a prison is that a major source on income for those places.. It’s like an auto manufacturing plant, some nuclear plant, the ship yard and other things in an area that hold many jobs, gives good pay, and is hiring local people. Those prisons make it easier to open more recreants and have long hours, more auto repair shops because people have to drive to work and all the little things from clothes to electronics sell. Prisons keep those area alive in many aspects and to lose 100 to 400 jobs doesn’t sound like jack in a big city, that’s a mall closing to be honest, but it a lot to a place that may a few thousand people if that. You’d be foolish to even argue against the people in those areas who depend on prisons as a major source of income, I don’t blame them or look at them strange at all for how they feel.  One way to look at it, and this is the way I am looking at, is a politician just favored on the side of men of color. We all know who has the highest incarceration percentage in this country, Cuomo could have done what many other governors do and make stricter laws with stiffer penalties to fill those prisons. He didn’t though so I’m looking at that as a nice small odd victory.


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