Movie Madness: Rebooting comic book movies


While listening to an episode of Movie Geeks United on blogtalkradio about the movie releases of 2011 last night a point was made by one the hosts, how many movies aren’t sequels or remakes? Another fact that was brought up was reboots of movies that aren’t over a decade old. I noticed both trends myself as I seen movies trailers and checked out other sites. This isn’t new but it is becoming an odd and sad phenomenon, even comic book movies are rebooting themselves and that’s just strange.

 That’s new term for remakes too, reboot. You know like when used cars turned into “pre owned” cars, still meant the same thing but the wording made people feel better. The word remake has had such a negative stigma due to all the bad remakes that instead of just coming up with original ideas or going back to making film adaptations of books  studios will just keep making remakes. X-Men First Class is to be a reboot of a franchise that just had one of it’s installments a few years ago with Wolverine origin flick. Fox will start over in just under a decade, really why? Spider-Man will get that treatment as well. Spider-Man is really going all the way back to the origin story, why? Most people were waiting for Spider-Man 4 in hopes it will make up for the third movie not living up to the hype. Now we’re being treated to Peter Parker becoming Spidey all over again in ten years. Is Fox planning the same thing with the Fantastic Four as well? If so I hope they make it a better franchise in general second time around because those movies sucked. I’ve seen the hype about the New Superman reboot as well. Superman is somewhat strange because I heard someone say that Kevin Smith said that Superman Returns was a continuation of the events in Superman 2 from the 80’s. When I thought about that statement and saw the movie again that did make the movie make more sense to me, no one really liked that flick so I guess a reboot was in order, maybe. So in six years we get a new Superman movie with a new actor playing him, again it’s an odd trend.

Maybe instead of “Rebooting” movies to bring in new talent for these comic book movies just do what the comic books do and keep it moving when a new writer and artists takes over. Switch actors, writers and directors but have fans who are in their early 20’s to mid 40’s go through the rebuilding process is not cool, it’s movies not a sports team. If it seems you can’t get your main cast back for the film fuck em, again think comic books. I’ve read comics and watched the drawings switch for the better and worst and the writing suck with different writes but there was always continuity. Hell look at the director aspect of Harry Potter, it has become better as the movie and story has gone along and the cast has aged as well. If that is the problem aging cast members then maybe what comic book movies should have happen for their traditional trilogies is what Peter Jackson did with Lord Of The Ring and just film it all in a few years time. You know that’s one reason why that trilogy is so good because it was all ready completely done, there was no trying to live up to the hype of the first film and dealing the higher ups and what can and can’t be done. That’s what comic book movies should do film it all at once. Then comes the thing of trilogies, why does it have to stop at three? Again back to Spider-Man everyone was waiting for a fourth movie. I mean Harry Potter is on it’s what tenth movie, you mean we couldn’t have had an X-Men 10? Why because Cyclops and Jean and Professor Xavier died? First off they are way too many heroes in that franchise alone to not have enough characters for. Then comes the fact their comic books, Batman didn’t die in the Final Crisis he shifted to another time, now I haven’t kept up with Batman enough to know how he got back to the present day but I do know that’s the story to bring Bruce Wayne back. Professor Xavier and Cyclops are in limbo, it’ll work it’s a comic book movie. Why reboot the whole damn thing? Plus I heard there will be another Wolverine movie, so how does that play out?

 Stop this ridiculous thing now. I know this Batman movie coming out next year will be the last one by Chris Nolan. Instead of either waiting another decade to make another film or rebooting in five just keep it going even bring back The Joker in the fifth or sixth movie, just please no more rebooting and going back to the origin story. I kinda hope all these reboots fail so that studio will scrap the other reboot movies. Just make  new movies that reminds us of older movies we’ve seen and know about. I know that can’t be the case for comic book movies but we can’t keep rebooting these movies. Ok maybe one more, the Daredevil reboot might be worth my time since I was not feeling the Ben Affleck one. No diss to Ben but that shit sucked, I could see that needing a reboot, no 3-D though.


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