No American movie ending in Egypt


I never really wanted to post anything about what was going on in Egypt just cause things seemed to switch everyday to every few hours so much that news networks seemed behind the local tweets and facebook updates from Egypt. Some news networks found themselves getting their news from the local news network in Egypt. But last week things took a really odd turn and American media was ready to fall over themselves for this story. Late last week the story focused on Wael Ghonim the Google executive being called the farther of the Egyptian protest.

 It seemed out the blue Ghonim was thrust into the front of the revolution, he himself wasn’t trying to be the face let alone the leader Thursday. But by Friday he changed his mind, it was so fast that as a female was interviewing an Egyptian professor the story that Ghonim was willing to hold that title as leader was breaking news. Why was America and the BBC  all over this guy? Well as someone, a lot of people, had mentioned as they begin to do a quick profile of Ghonim he was well educated from well to do background and he worked for Google. It really was summed up just like that last week, even when Google they guy it breaks down like that. That makes for a better story than say another food stand guy setting himself on fire, or some rebel group demanding change. The problem was the Egyptain people saw him as a major piece of the protest but not so much a voice for ALL Egyptian people since he was seen as somewhat of an outsider. The news media really didn’t want to focus on that fact from what I heard personally. I heard interviews of people giving him praise, I didn’t hear an alternative view on Ghonim, which wasn’t negative but wasn’t as flattering as American media take on him on, until I heard BBC News.  But once President Mubarak resigned the focus switched yet again. The focus is now on the people again.

 I just found it strange that out the blue an individual besides President Mubarak was placed in front of the focus of the media. It wasn’t just anyone it was a well educated well to do person. This came off as the real life version of a movie, hell I could see someone getting ready to come up with a script and heading to HBO to set up a date to start filming. I wish it was just me being an ass but I’m not, it was the real life Last King Of Scotland, The Last Samurai or any other movie where a white person is a major key change to come. This time no it wasn’t a white guy but he was very much Americanized Egyptian and that was good enough. I mean no one had any interviews with anyone from the Muslim Brotherhood that I’m aware of or any military personal to see how they will handle the conflict of interest as a solider. Again the news and what’s going on in Egypt is moving too fast to focus on one thing let alone one person like what this week with what will the military do and will people go back to their normal routine anytime soon. Now Ghonim is merely last weeks news.


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