Will America invest in retraining Americans?

While at work watching CNN this weekend one of their weekend show hosts spoke about retraining Americans in this fast and vastly changing “global economy”. What the lady said made sense the problem is will our country really invest in that theory? Even when Obama spoke to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce he stressed “American workers”.  That was a subject I see no news shows at all brought up, that Americans are being left out of this global economy. I heard the sound bytes and I know he said “American workers” at least five times because either jobs are sent overseas or we have illegal citizens working them. That’s the problem that has plagued our country for over a decade now, cheap labor by any means.  As a country we have seen so much comer cutting to get the most out of worker and spending less that now some real serous money has to be placed on the employment future of our citizens and no one wants to face that fact.

 Where do you start though? Generations of people will have to be retrained and that’s a lot of people in the country needed to be exposed to new skills to even begin to compete with the new job market. No one cares because what we hear and who we hear from are those who can afford it do just that, go back to school. What about those who have and are working two jobs and still can barely makes ends meet or have been unemployed for over a year, I’m sure those loans aren’t going to be that easy to get because their credit is already messed up. Will the country retrain people for free? I remember the welfare reform plan President Clinton had in the 90’s those people were getting free schooling to be taught a skill or trade and even were placed in on site job training to get a feel of those jobs. Will our government invest like that in todays world I doubt it, so what will those people do? Then comes those who have nothing more than a high school education or a GED and are looking for their first job, the world when that was good enough to get high paying blue collar job and become a middle class citizen is over. Then there is our education system, depending on where you live you’re not getting what you need to even begin to compete for even low entry level jobs. The educational system abandoned the blue collar trade classes, my farther and most of the men in his age learned how to work on cars, plumbing and electronics in high school, being taught that in public schools has stopped decades ago. The need for those jobs still are here the thing is now what once was free classes in public school are now college courses that still won’t guarantee you employment.

 Then there is the race issue, we know who will be at a lost and who needs the most help. African Americans and Latinos who reside in the poor neighborhoods are the ones that will be lost and not even given a second thought. Some how when people talk about Americans those in the inner city aren’t counted, what we get is a half ass attempt to fused them in with the middle class Americans. So what happens is the concerns that truly affects those in the poor areas across this country never come in up in the discussion because their problems have been mixed in with the middle class and buried at the bottom of the middle class issues. So once the middle class issues seem to be resolved so too are those issues the working poor inner city below the poverty level working people issues. All the African American groups seem to do is make announcements things need to happen and turn to our “Black President”.  I’ve said it before maybe the NAACP and other groups need to do less finger pointing and truly give a hand. I’m sure some local branch can say they’ve done and are doing just that but it’s not happening everywhere and that’s what politicians, the Republicans mostly, are talking about, people need to go out and make things happen for themselves. I’m not seeing well do to African American people are some African American owned corporation extend a hand to the inner city, I see that hand extended to help those in college or with degrees. What about those who will be really be left back?  

 Local politicians don’t speak on that at all either and the news media isn’t going to even look at what is going on unless some major noise is made to make them focus on that like Katrina and all the coverage of the “working poor”.  So how will everyone benefit from this thought of retraining Americans so they have a competitive chance in today’s job market? Is that even a government issue to ensure Americans can get jobs that are being shipped overseas? You would think so but as long as no one important speaks about it it’s not an issue. Like I said I saw this topic over weekend on CNN, who’s watching CNN on the weekend? Republican talk radio aren’t bringing it up nor are those liberal shows so it will continue being a non issue. Something has to happen I hope sooner than later.


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