Who has a successful life after being a pop star?


The weekend of The Grammys seem to be the weekend of Justin Bieber. The kid has a movie that was getting better reviews than the other movies that came out the same weekend. A documentary/live show film that could have easily been a MTV or VH1 special was a full on film and it was even in 3D. The ride stopped Sunday when he lost best new artists to Esperanza Spalding. The thing is if music was like it used to be the argument would have been more about how the young lady’s’ debut album was in 06. But music is so segregated and genres are left behind and ignored if the top 40 radio stations, BET and MTV don’t pick them up. Only jazz fans knew of the foul play.

 But this whole Justin Bieber phenomenon has me thinking it’s been awhile since someone really took over in this fashion and wasn’t a contestant on American Idol, but how long will he be here? Sure those 13 -16 year old teen girls across the country are all over him now but by time they hit their senior year in high school and go off to college these months will be semi embarrassing moments in their lives only revealed with fond memories around other females who won’t be ashamed to say they too had a crush on Beiber. It’s inevitable Beiber will fall off sooner than later for two facts alone, teen pop fans grow up over the summer ALWAYS or a new pop sensation will knock him of the hill. But how will Beiber and his team react is the question. All over the web are those who know that fact and can’t wait for the day to hit while those who love him aren’t old enough to understand that flavor of the month pop sensations have expiration dates and usually are old news within a year of their stardom.

 Will Bieber redefine himself and take hold of other lanes opened to him because he is a pop star and shine in those areas? Can he fall in the same lane with Madonna, Cher, Donny and Mark Wahlberg, Donny and Marie Osmond, Mandy Moore and surprisingly but not that much Justin Timberlake or will he end up just famous for once being a pop star like Britney Spears, Nick Lachey, Lance Bass, Jessica Simpson (I know her country album awhile back did  good but before and after that she’s just know a pop singer) and any American Idol person that’s not Carrie Underwood, Kelly Clarkson or Chris Daughtry? Because those pop stars used the opportunities given to them because they were well known to transform and switch to a new career and still remain relevant today. Those teens who drooled all over New Kids On The Block and Marky Mark could have never seen the acting credits  the Wahlbergs racked up during the early 90’s and now there are people who like their movies who can’t believe they were pop stars. It’ll happen to Justin Timberlake if he chooses not to record again, give it five more years and the kids and younger teens who barely remember “Sexy Back” won’t associate Timberlake with music at all. There are people who don’t know the Fresh Prince is Will Smith today and don’t feel ashamed and why should they, he’s a perfect example of someone who took his pop appeal and transformed it to become a bigger star.

 Maybe Beiber can step his music game up if he chooses to stay in that world. Like I said those three Idol contestants that have done so well that you forget that’s how they got in the biz because they left the poppy stuff alone. That’s where pop stars fall off at, pop is popular music so once that sound or you are no longer popular you’re useless in that genre of music. It’s the reason why once pop stars fall off they disappear, there’s no where else to go or no place to go back to. When Faith Hill pop appeal died she went back to her country roots. I remember she had some video years back with dark hair and I think ET played as the closing video and the song was a straight country song with no pop sounds to it at all. She made a conscious effort to move away from that world. When Los del Rio fifteen minutes were up with that damn “Macarena” they went back to where they came from and kept it moving. To the pop world they’re one hit wonders but they were a group that had a decent following and mostly did private gigs, that song just blew up and blew them up. Shakira is another example, her pop efforts suck to me when compared to her music when she’s just doing what is globally respected for. But if she has a song that appeals to the pop world people will says she making a comeback but if you all you do is listen to pop music you don’t know her catalog at all, most people who are pop music people for the most part don’t like her other albums that didn’t make the pop charts. But she still has millions of fans that will be there for when MTV2 isn’t playing her videos. We get it in Hip Hop it happens in Rock and Jazz as well, when the pop world is done with that one song or album artists go back to their roots. A pop artist has no roots the genre is pop so if you don’t make it there you’re again useless.

 I’m not wishing bad luck on the guy just saying when you look at the average of post pop star success the odds aren’t in his favor. Where’s the other N’Sync dudes, Backstreet Boys, The other members of 98 Degrees, anyone from the countless boy bands, The wannabe Britney Spears that couldn’t make it past their first albums? Fans are fickle these days and with the next teenage star recording a video to upload on youtube or catch the hearts of young teen girls on American Idol waiting in the wing Bieber can be history before he gets to truly make any within the music industry. It’s like Posdnous or Dave of De La Soul said one time about wanting followers not fans, fans bail when the albums sales dwindle and the radio stop playing your music, followers still hunt your music down and come to the shows. Rock, Jazz, Blues R&B and Hip Hop greats still do big numbers when the chance is given however unless you have that new “comeback” hit as a pop star there are no big gigs for you, you’re at state fairs singing your hit(s) for those who remember when you were hot and younger people dismissing you. I wish dude the best of luck even as I don’t like his music I think he could do something better in time if given the chance… Maybe.


2 thoughts on “Who has a successful life after being a pop star?

    • That’s fine, I’ve only heard one song by the kid. I wasn’t impressed but there tons of singers that aren’t good in my view. My question is will he be this hot in five years?

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