What you can learn from Westboro Baptist Church


Yesterday the Westboro Baptist Church won its appeal at the Supreme Court. When the case first broke everyone included both political parties that actions of the members of Westboro are extreme. Everyone felt sympathy for Albert Snyder, farther of Lance Cpl Mathew Snyder, the sound bytes of Snyder helped a lot with that. In 07’ the Snyder’s won their case and was awarded 5 million dollars, the case was appealed the next year. This Supreme Court hearing fell one on thing and one thing only, freedom of speech. It’s what makes our country better than any place, our First Amendment Rights. The personal feeling I think everyone including the Chief Justices felt about how the church goes about protesting has to be and ultimately was overlooked for the First Amendment. People are angry but it was the right ruling.

One thing about the “Phelps Clan” is they’re in it for the shock. Yes they have a message but it is how they get it out that counts. They could have had those same signs outside of the White House, local military recruiting centers, Gay and Lesbian magazine headcounters and major gay and lesbian events… They didn’t, where would the shock be at in that? To go to funerals with this protest is what makes news and what did make the news from the start, and any publicity is good publicity these days. I mean if the racist signs weren’t part of The Tea Party rallies hype would people really had paid attention? PETA does the most outrageous stuff and it makes news too, same for the first few times the news media focused on the Sciencetology protesters dressed as the V For Vendetta dude. Even if you don’t know the church those protesters are members of you know what they’re against, everyone does so the messages is out and they’ve done their job. In the past it was marches and protesting on college campuses that made the news, not anymore it’s about the extreme now. The only way to combat these extreme protests is to ignore it, if people at the funerals the show up and set up shop at so such disrespect any mind the news will not make a story and people like the Phelps Clan will either up the ante or move on. Trust me just thinking about being a t funeral and seeing such blatant disrespect is hard to block out your mind. People may need to try that since the First Amendment is on the side of the Westboro Baptist Church and they make sure that their paperwork is flawless. A protest is only successful if it gets peoples attention. You ignore them and people will eventually stop.


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