What American Dream?


While on break Sunday I was watching CNN and the special Restoring American: Getting Back To Being Number 1. By time I saw the show the guys who created 4Sq. were being interviewed. Oddly sometime after that I saw a guy who really had the best more sensible and sad answers to why America is falling behind. He answer was because as a country we have been and are continuing to wage a class war leaving those who can’t afford to get better education behind. That goes right back to the 4Sq. guys who are college educated guys, who also had a story about the social site on CNN awhile back, as not being that normal. It’s easy to see a certain group of people make strides, it’s shown in Social Network, the Facebook and Napster guys knew one another. Google was started up by college students and to even get a job with them you really have to be in the top percent of you class, youtube is no different. Imagine some country boy or girl or someone from the hood with just a high school diploma and a thought and coming up with the idea for youtube? Just think about it, off the whim that they have friends around them doing things that their internet friends should see. Those people show people those clips on that site as well as upload some themselves on that site, of course someone will think their pet should be seen thus the cute cat world of youtube would be born also.  Now the site gets bigger but since to host a site like that cost and the bandwidth alone is going to be expensive the site owner(s) wouldn’t be able to even get a loan from a bank to begin to see where that site could go for no other reason than their backgrounds. And a lot of dreams and visions are lost because of that, and that is where we are losing the American Dream..

People come to this country poor and still hear the rags to riches stories, those stories are far and few nowadays The story of the guy working at KFC and going on to start up a chain of his own named after his daughter Wendy, dishwasher who went on to start up hotel franchises, a young slave raised by his slave owners as one of their own once slavery was abolished grows up change the way we think of peanuts forever and a man who had nothing more than an at best 8th grade education going on to be one our nations most celebrated Presidents can no longer happen. We’re following a model of many other countries where socialism is practiced and encouraged, that’s not America that’s India that’s China that’s many places that keep that same social divide but somehow are catching up to us economically and surpassing up in education.  Our own companies don’t invest in us American workers or thinking anymore, outsourcing has hurt this nation for decades now and no politician really wants to deal with that. Hell if Wal-Mart could they’d do it too, they’re one of the last few major empires that aren’t right now. We aren’t all given the chance to succeed, it’s like when you think of the line in the Constitution “and the pursuit of happiness”. We used to be allowed to pursue our goals and dream of a better tomorrow, now we’re regulated to accepting our surroundings and the fact it won’t get much better. 

It all as I have said many times starts with education. We may come from different backgrounds but 2+2 still equals 4. The problem is when do your children learn that lesson, at 2 years of age, 3, 4 or 6, 7 or 8? Something like early childhood schooling has been up for debate these last few elections and I can understand why to a degree. The problem is if that program was actually viewed as schooling and not some form of daycare things would be different. Schools districts are so vastly different depending on where you live also. It’s the first thing real estate people try to sell you on if you have children, how great the school district is. Some students still have books where Pluto is a planet, George Bush jr. or at worst Clinton is the present President in social study book and the first gulf war is where conflict in the Middle East stops. We’re misinforming many children across this country purposely and then blame high school and college graduate rates declining for why more college grad from other countries are getting better higher paying jobs Americans should have.

Our American Dream only belongs to those who can afford it now or those who are willing to work two to three legal jobs to reach that standard. You used to hear about blue collar workers busting their asses, having humble livings, driving the same way out of date vehicles for decades and really having no wardrobe at all so that their kids could go to college and make something out of their lives. Even those stories are far and few. I hate that as a black man it seems the only way to make it is through entertainment and sports. Why because they’re free. I remember around 03’ or 04’ when the talk was why aren’t young black youths from the inner city playing baseball as opposed to basketball? First thing that came up was cost, buy a basketball find a hoop you’re done. In baseball you have to get glove, a bat and a ball, do the math. The saddest part of that angle is that seems to be the only time the focus is positive on people of color from the inner city, when they overcome all the demons and temptations calling them in the hood, growing up without and most likely having no father around. Again that only count if you can play a sport or make a good song, working on a cure for AIDS or Cancer and grew up in the same surroundings, that part of your life may not even come up just your hard work and studying.  I can’t remember the last time I heard about a scientist, college professor, named partner at a firm or board member for a Forbes 100 company less than 50 years of age being from the ghetto or any low income area. Those rags to riches tails are now left up to the athletes and rappers, not even young blues or jazz artists but rappers nowadays.  We’re socially and psychologically being divided, an issue no one wants to address, even CNN. I went to the site hoping to get to read the transcript of the show and since I didn’t know the name of guy that was being interviewed when I saw the show I just slicked the clips the site had posted. The guy I was looking for wasn’t up there at all. That alone was more proof we tend to shy away from what’s wrong with country yet want to fix the problem or give the impression of such concern. To restore the American Dream you have to first restore an American philosophy “All Men Are Created Equal”.

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