5 Republicans meet in Iowa to talk about… Religion AGAIN

 5 gop memebers

5 Republican presidential hopefuls came together Monday Night to speak to those who share the same views as them about “social” issues. The problem I have is these social issues were pro white pro Christian issues nothing social at all. I guess the social club weren’t concerned with jobs, education, health care and anything that really affects us in America, because God talk and bringing God back to the white house won’t give people I know who are unemployed a job. Hating gays isn’t going to put forth adequate funding for ALL school districts to educate our youth. The Pro white themes (yeah I know Herman Cain was there, he said all the same one tracked minded shit minus the racial overtone as everyone else) won’t help figure out a way to retrain Americans and bring jobs back that have been outsourced.

It seems to me and it’s a fact because our last President proved it, as long you’re pro God and anti gay, abortion and Islam you’re good. Don Gonyea spoke to lady and she said “That’s our moral fiber. I mean, oh gosh, if you – I’m so anti-abortion and pro-God in our government and our country”. She could care less about the real pressing issues we are facing but I’m sure she’s saying Obama isn’t doing his job. As of now the republican focus is squarely back on those non-issue issues. If you remember McCain was ahead of Obama until the he spoke about the financial crisis, God and gays weren’t involved so he fell short and came away looking like he was out of touch with the real America that at the time wasn’t trying to hear that God talk that tilted the balance in Obamas’ favor. Now we’re right back to this abortion talk that wasn’t a big issue at all in the last election, real issues were like health care and jobs. If Newt, Herman, Rick, Buddy and Tim and any other conservative Christian with pro life anti anything  not Christian views have real answers for the issues that are destroying the fabric of America I’ll vote for them. The thing is this is like it has always been is nothing more than a smokescreen for the fact they don’t have the answers or know what to do about the real pressing issues, you can’t prey the financial debt away, I’m sure many folks have tried that already.


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