Lauren Pritchard Wasted In Jackson

lauren Pritchard
I came across a few songs by from Wasted In Jackson album by Lauren Pritchard sometime last year and liked what I heard. One thing that stuck out was her vocals and the music, not so much the sound but the way it’s arranged. There was that build to the chorus and bridge breakdown that seems lost in music today where either things are that drum beat pulsating thump or it’s too popping merged with whatever Hip Hop trend is happening. So I got the whole album and was more than pleased to hear the way Pritchard breezes through topics and makes this album an easy listen without all the beat you in the head tactics the industry seems to be fixated on making.

 So from the start this album hits you off with what comes off like something you’d hear on an Al Green song. “Stuck” is simple nice song about not giving up on her man. There is vibe about this song that just makes you feel you’ve been here before but you like the sound and the lyrics work well. From there things just get better much better from “Not The Drinking” to “Wasted In Jackson”  there’s a sense of a down to earth regular person as both songs tap on a piece of life anyone who hears them can relate to. An odd out of place but not really song is “I Hope It’s You” it feels like one of the songs from the 70’s and 80’s when Disco was dying but there was still funk party type song, yeah my description sucks ass I know. What I’m saying is you could throw “Ring My Bells” or “Encore” before or after this song and it will kinda fit. Once you hear the lyrics you realize Pritchard has a bit of meanness to her. “No Way” is just my favorite song on this album. Everyone knows the feeling when you reminiscing with friends and the question comes up would “you do it all over again if you could?” This song without going into any real details of life at all does sum up many people view on that question. The album ends with “When The Night Kills The Day” a brilliant song and way to end an album like this.

 I remember a few years back when Estelle was in interviews pissed off white chicks from the UK who made soul music were getting more push then her. She dropped her second album Shine and it fit in with everything else that was popping at the time. Wasted In Jackson isn’t 19 by Adele, Back In Black by Amy Winehouse or any Josh Stone album, it is it’s own body of work. There is a bridge between genres in Wasted In Jackson from soul to country to blues that blends well. There are no stolen Motown melodies or over soulful instrumentation pre chorus and chorus or even a song to showcase she is a student of the old soul music days. This album to many people isn’t even viewed as soul music and seeing footage of her live shows she’s not pushing it to that lane either. This just a great album that from the few times I am listening to the radio, top 40 included, I’m not hearing anything by Pritchard but I should be. Good music is beginning to be hard to find these days so if you do come across this album get it.


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