Can you afford to benefit from the new discoveries to cure illnesses?


There is this thing I found myself doing a few years ago, I would go to events, call up to shows or email shows and always ask about prices for low income people. People you know when you see the super getaway trip plan that is marketed as something “everyone can afford and should have” or even the fucking Ipad gets an it’s “only” starts $499 just wi-fi, not included is all the other shit involved, but it comes away as if every American can just up and get one. We hear a lot of generalizing when it comes to everything. I’m cool with it being must have trips, electronics and the newest cars equipped with things in it that are making them one step away from just chauffeuring you around… That’s cool. What isn’t cool is generalizing new medical breakthroughs. Now yes everyone isn’t poor but everyone who isn’t poor doesn’t have great health insurance so to make these new discovers seems as if the guy who owns a local hardware shop, if that even still exist, they do I’ve seen a few I’m good with this example then, can inform his doctor and health care provider about this and everything will take care of its self is crazy. Hell those pills that aren’t over the counter pills, you know the ones where the side effects sound worst than the actual problem, at the end of the commercial you’re “suggestion” is to talk to your doctor. Then it comes down to your health care provider. People can’t just get surgeries they may need because they’re not covered for that… Fact not opinion.

My point though isn’t health care, it’s the technology and new research that can help people live healthier longer lives. I was listening to Up To Date yesterday  before I went  to work and the guest was quantum physicist Michio Kaku. The show itself as any show about science is interesting and eye opening. What threw me off was the when the topic of technology turned to health. Things again were generalized as if when the technology becomes available anyone can benefit from it. Kaku spoke about  research that has found the cells that deal with ageing as well as fighting cancer. Kaku used Aretha Franklin as an example because she has pancreatic cancer. Pancreatic cancer from what Kaku said has been discovered to be in the body for 20 years and you only feel it the last two. Since we have the technology already to detect cancer cells in the body we should be able to rid or at the least lower the deaths caused by it.  Now my issue was that we already know this and still people are not informed or if they are they can’t afford it. So I emailed the show and Steve Kraske even read my email on air. What happened then struck me as strange, Kaku started out with the line “let me be blunt” from there he just really went out of his way to not really answer the question. That question was ”All the technology, fighting cancer & long life talk is wonderful but are poor people included in the future of the world?”.

So why is that such a hard question? Because we can’t handle the truth, if you look at our school districts and the way children are not getting the best education if their parents can’t pay for it and that’s the way health care has ALWAYS been. So yes science has truly opened doors to all the possibilities of a longer healthier life but everyone isn’t included in that picture. Now Kaku did think broader than I had with my question as he spoke on the global aspect and how third and even nowadays fourth world  countries will be left out  of the better tomorrow world.  But my question was more grounded at home thinking of Aretha Franklin and how many people don’t have the fame or money as Franklin so how could they even begin to get such an in-depth checkup dealing with their cells.. Many people get check ups at free clinics, to find you may have a tumor is an issue because if they can’t afford a regular check up from a regular doctor what makes you think they can afford treatment. Yes no ones gets turned away when they go to the emergency room when they’re injured or really sick but to be broke and say a doctor at a free clinic says this lump may be cancer is a different thing. The catching an illness before is gets worst isn’t free  We will go out of our way to care of animals whether it be our pets, any domestic animal or just something on the endangered species list but to put that same effort to humans in our country isn’t a high priority? People volunteer in Africa or Haiti but here it’s not as important. The news of all this new information to help prevent illness out there is wonderful but the single mother working two bullshit low paying jobs will not benefit from it … That isn’t what’s sad  or just wrong the fact we know, understand and accept that truth is.


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