So what’s the news?

It seems with each new protest we have our news networks go through some urgent need of giving us the latest news about them. We know what Japan wants us to and what has been leaked about the nuclear radiation but we have no idea about what’s up with our local politics. I remember someone on NPR said what was happening in Egypt was overshadowing the somewhat bad week Obama was having during that time. It seems that we really have just said fuck our news and really ran with this global thing. That’s cool if we really did go all BBC but we’re not, we care about the Middle East because of the oil and everyone wants to know how Japan will handle that situation just incase it happens in this country if we have nuclear plants.

The other day I went to Fox News, CNN, MSNBC and they all are covering Libya and Japan on the home page and MSNBC has a picture and something about Dancing With The Stars…. Dancing With The Stars story of some underdog couple gets face time along those global stories. We have no idea what compromise is going on with the federal budget and who else is about to have their benefits taken or jobs cut. We do know AT&T is spending 39 Billion wit a B (I know you can read that it’s billion but just wanted to say it) to buy T mobile. That’s about as much news we’re getting now. Unless some politicians loses control and goes off about what needs to be cut or complains about what’s the ones on the table our government politics isn’t news. I’m kinda cool with that because it’s mostly sound bytes anyway, but even then if the news media would stop playing that 10 to 30 second comment and play the whole statement or the question before or even the follow up question it would be viewed different. I was listening to something about journalist and the guest were saying how we can’t rely on twitter and facebook about these protest because sometimes the updates and tweets could be from someone in their living room here in the United States. That’s true but we need to start paying attention to something giving us more than what we’re getting when it comes to news on our government.

I did a post about what program are on the chopping block, which gets 7 to 10 hits a day, when first posted 25, people want to know it was all in my google search section. The news media only focused on Planned Parenthood because of the noise conservative groups made about them. It happens a lot I read links from tweets and checkout other blogs as well as listen to NPR now way more than I did say four years ago because the news is more detailed a lot of times, even if it has a bias spin when you hear or read it you can look up stuff to fill in the blanks. It’s one reason again why you can’t knock The Tea Party, they inform those who agree with them. Yes, it’s one sided and I for one read some of that stuff and find myself agreeing but I also search for the opposite end of the argument to find out what’s going on from that end as to come to a middle ground. We’re not even getting that in news anymore. I just want news not shit that will get ratings, I understand that’s the bottom line for the higher ups but with so much going on to continue to focus on the next protest isn’t helping us know what’s going on. Everyday I or someone else who HUNTS for news has to be the person informing those who are stuck on the local news or “the network they feels speaks to them” what is really going on in the world. News networks do you jobs


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