Padded string bikini for young girls as young as 7?

 Abercrombie & Fitch padded kid bra

Whoever though of this at the Abercrombie & Fitch board meeting for new ideas in the summer season of 2011 should have their computer confiscated and checked for child porn and all those who agreed that this was a good idea should get their heads checked…. How does something like this even come up as an idea and no one questions the person behind it? Seriously, if someone on your block, at your job or a social get together was to say ‘I was thinking of buying my 8 year old a padded string bikini.” Whoever he told that too would have at the least 20 questions about that. I mean teachers, neighbors, any adult who were to suggest or give a young girl, hell a teen a string bikini would get looked at funny. Somehow though this made it from a meeting at an office where here had to be a prototype of the bikinis to stores across the country. Maybe I’m just stereotyping but something tells me a man thought of this, I mean we see young girls dress like mini Hipsters, ghetto chicks, emos and whatever else is going on in their world.

 This is most likely a lifestyle gap, the people scratching their heads at the thought of the bikinis don’t shop at Abercrombie & Finch. I mean it’s like those Bratz dolls, young girls wearing sweet, sexy, honey and other sexual reference on the back of some sweatpants or shorts and low ride hip hugger jeans (huh?). The difference is of course the padded aspect of the bikinis. I know young girls want to be older but I figure 7 or 8 mean maybe 10 or 11?  Yes, we can say young kids today are exposed to a lot of adult themed things from television, music, videos video games and just walking in the mall but to think they would need a padded bikini is too much. I remember my sister and many girls before puberty would stuff whatever in their shirts, it was like wearing wigs and their mothers lipstick, it was dress up to feel grown, this isn’t something for private in house moments this is something designed to be seen public. What happened to letting little girls be little girls as long as we can as a society? I may be going off topic a bit but I smile inside when I see young girls dressed and looking like young girls with whatever popular cartoon character on their shirt and with hair styles that only work up to about 11 years of age. If Abercrombie & Finch are ushering the era of 7 being the new 13 what is being 4, 5 and 6?  When is too much too much? What I’m not getting is all the conservative “family values” people aren’t really making noise about this, this news about these bikinis is about a week old now.


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