Anthony Hamilton Ain’t Nobody Worryin’


In 05’ Anthony dropped his second So So Def album, yeah I’m still like dude is on So So Def? The single “Can’t Let Go” made the rounds to somewhat good feedback. Me personally I was amped one of the few male singers I had a lot respect for was about to drop another album. So once I copped it I played every chance I could like it was the only album I had in general. I personally was mad at his people for the way they made the CD look like an 45 or LP, I had an idea to do that just never got around to it.. Fuck. Anyway, the album was damn near flawless if you ask me.

From the outset the you get this odd beat, even now I can’t quite get the way things come together when I hear it, of “Where Did Go Wrong”. The lyrics are dope and the way the lines are freaked in the second verse just makes the song even iller. I mean there is something about hearing him sing about heartbreak that feels so real, like when you heard those old Mary J songs back in the day. “Southern Stuff” comes in next and it’s a breezy way to follow such an odd but dope first song. Jumping to one of my favorite songs on this album which is the title track “Ain’t Nobody Worryin’”. The first thing kicks in is the ill drum pattern and then the hook, from there the strength of some deep lyrics. I like how this wasn’t a love album well in the tradition of what we view as love albums. This is one of the four songs that just left me silent and pressing repeat. There’s a missing element of music that was tapped into with this song, which is the social awareness in songs. This was and still is refreshing to hear.  After that you get “The Truth” which continues another theme on the album, religion. The line about going to church together and reading bibles didn’t seem out of place but you know this song isn’t for the radio just off that alone. This album does a great job at scratching the surface of gospel music kinda like how What’s Going On did with many of it’s songs. “Preacher’s Daughter” isn’t one of the songs at all though. It is however a somewhat throw back track, I could hear the Four Tops or Temptations singing this song, one reason is the low bass voice that comes in the hook and just the beat alone.

Now I guess to not put people to sleep “Sista Big Bones” comes between a series of very deep songs that end the second half of the album. Maybe that was to break up the feel of the album, the song it self would have worked better in the beginning of the album. I like the Sly and the Family Stone vibe of the song, the song not so much though. This was even a single, he had to have ass in a video he’s signed to So So Def, duh. Like I said the second half of this album gets really slow and or deep. “Pass Me Over” is just that song that is gospel but not really. The soulfulness and heartfelt vocals singing the powerful lyrics are just perfect. I dare anyone to hear this and not like it, ok never mind today’s R&B sucks so people used to that wouldn’t feel this. The last few songs pass “Everybody” which has a reggae feel to it and “Sista Big Bone” are pure slow jams. “Change Your World” sounds like something from the past in a good way down to the string section and the hook. I will admit I never really let it play all the time, not cause I don’t like it just cause it doesn’t hit me like the last two songs do. ”Never Love Again” is just the dopest shit many people haven’t heard. This song places Anthony Hamilton career center stage, the fact the song is about heartbreak but the desire to love and be loved but it’s hard to trust…. The first two So So Def albums are built off that concept plan and simple. My third favorite song on this album is “I Know What Love’s All About”. There is just something about this song that touches me in a way I just can’t describe in words yet, maybe because it’s something I think as men we shy away from admitting we want and the this song says it.  The second verse shows the transition of many men, so yeah that’s why I love this song, I guess I can describe it in words if I wanted to… Look at me getting my grown man on.   

Only those who were looking for this album appreciates the beauty of  Ain’t Nobody Worryin’. One of the better things up to this point was that most of the songs on Anthony Hamilton weren’t just beats looped up like you could find The Point Of It All. The fact that this album had guess produces like ?uestlove, Vidal & Dre and Rafael Saadiq on it meant nothing. That’s a good thing because pass the drums and live feel of Preacher’s Daughter it felt like an Anthony Hamilton song. There were no over the top made for radio singles, this album was a pure to the roots of what the artist wanted for his album , I’m guessing since I didn’t hear any bad vibes from Anthony Hamilton.  Do I think more people should hear this album and buy it, hell yeah. If this was the 90’s Anthony Hamilton would be that dude, if radio wasn’t so handcuffed he’d be that dude. I know his shows are packed and anyone who really loves music knows he is a talented man but record sales and radio play would be the icing on the cake. Get this album when you have a chance.


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