10 people that shouldn’t keep getting movie roles

Jennifer Aniston

I find myself watching previews or reading about new movies in the works and can’t get how some people get in so many films. It’s one thing if they get a chance to shine and show and prove like Sharon Stone did in Casino, to me that may be the BEST role she has ever had. Others seem to just not step up or go to an acting class at all. Some I know get them because of their popularity or because the stood out in a few films, in any event I’m not sure why these ten people keep getting cast in films.

    1.     Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston

Yeah, it’s been a minute since Friends was on the air and yet even as she should be promoting a new film questions about life as Rachel comes up. There’s more talk about her hair than any of her films, that’s a sign things aren’t good. To her credit she can pick good films to be a part of it’s just her acting skills or the fact she seems to choose the same kind of roles that makes watching her annoying. It’s like she should take a name and be that person in every film, might as well since it’s always the same type of person   she plays

2.    Nicolas Cage

nicolas cage

Now to be fair he does have a good film every maybe four films. I’m just wondering how he keeps getting the starring role in films and who green lights those films? I mean from the title to the plot and the previews you realize these films are bad. I know sometimes an actor can keep a good revenue stream from straight to DVD releases but these films hit theatres all the time???

3.  Lindsey Lohan

lindsay lohan

She comes straight outta rehab and goes to a movie set? I might not be the target audience of a Lindsey Lohan film but what films I have seen her in I think she sucks. I mean it’s not like she’s Robert Downing Jr., he was worth giving a second, third and fourth chance to. Lohan not so much, maybe it’s a Disney thing, those kiddie flicks were so cute and the average target audience knows her and that would bring in money to that film. Who knows I’m throwing anything out there at this point for her to always be in a movie.

4.  Kevin James

kevin james
I like Kevin James really I do, I thought King Of Queens was a great show, I liked his role in Hitch. Him starring in a film seems to be the problem to me. There’s no real star power there and if Hollywood just gave him tight supporting roles he’d be fine. As of now it’s crazy to see this guy getting what seems to be a starring role in movie a year, he was even in a disaster of a film Dilemma with Vince Vaughn which brings me to…

5.    Vince Vaughn
vince vaughn
Here is a guy who should not be the star of a film but for some reason he is. It’s not that he’s not talented it’s just his talent like Kevin James will become tiring after awhile in a film where he is the main character. Maybe if he was the star every four to five films you could ride with him but as of late it’s every film and that’s just not good.

6.   Megan Fox

megan fox
Yeah, another piece of eye candy, not my type by the way, that’s in way too many films. At one point it was rumored she might be Catwoman, that had to be some teens fantasy and everyone ran with the thought. If she had half the talent and looked like she does I might not mind but come on she’s better off in magazine spreads where you just read what she’s saying and you don’t have to hear her at all.

7.  Channing Tatum

channing tatum

Here is a guy who is only in films for looks. In those dance films or limited dialogue fight flicks he does somewhat well, it’s when someone chooses to place him in a better role that things fall apart. I respect that maybe Tatum chooses to take on those roles BUT his acting skills are the worst. He says his lines like he’s Rocky Balbao. Speaking of which if this was the 80’s he’d be on the same level as Van Damme and Seagal, but it’s not so it’s just not cool watching him star in films…. AT ALL

8.   Jessica Alba

jessica alba

I feel bad that I have nothing good to say about Alba, I’m not even in the group of men who find her hot. This is less about her looks and more about her acting or lack of… I know, as far I know I haven’t seen her in a flick in awhile, Thank God, but she was in demand for some reason at one point. Her movies were just the worst plan and simple.

9.   Adam Sandler

adam sandler

I feel really bad about this one too and that’s because I really like Funny People I also realized when that film came out and he’s done duds since that film. Sandler has the potential to spread into other genres but his core fans want him in that box so he has just given us the same ol’ shit. I think if he just said forget comedy and did a few serious roles things would look up for him.

10.   Eddie Murphy, Martin Lawrence and Cedric The Entertainer

eddie murphy martin lawrencecedric the entertainer

Yeah, I cheated on the last one but all three men have one thing in common they are the most recognizable black comedians on film. Yeah Chris Rock is too but when a Chris Rock film does bad it’s because it’s his film from the writing and a lot of times the directing, these gentlemen aren’t taking on that kind of responsibility with their projects. I’m not sure if they are just picking films to stay busy or to pay for something they can’t really afford to have anymore or maybe someone in Hollywood owes them a favor. If that’s the case Murphy should do like Timberlake was doing and show up on SNL periodically and Lawrence should talk to the people at HBO. The last few movies these brothers have been were all BAD, plain BAD and it’s not that they can’t act it’s about the films they choose to be in as well as the audience they’re trying to cater to. Yes I’m at the point now where I want to see Murphy and Lawrence in an R rated film foul mouth and funny, these lighthearted comedies are no longer working for me. BTW is it just me for does Ced look like an extra heavy Martin Lawrence in the pic?

I would have put Tyler Perry in the list but like Chris Rock he is the writer, director and sometimes stars in his films so he knows he’s making sub par work… No disrespect.


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