Burning black churches in the new millennium

 supspects in black church burning

There are two things I find wrong with this story.

  1. White people still find a need to burn black churches when upset at black people
  2. This is the first time I’m hearing about this… At all, first time..How?

Starting with my second issue first, this news never really made the rounds at all. If I’m wrong someone correct me, but I’m sure something as hateful as this would have made the news. It was reported the Macedonia Church Of God In Christ (frame since it was under construction) in Springfield Mass. was burned down hours after Obama was announced as the winner Nov. 5th 08’ elections. Had anyone heard about that 3 years ago, 3 months ago? Ok it’s not just me then.

I’m shocked this didn’t make news or was it not supposed to? Since then Senator Obama was thinking of running for President we as a country tried to convince ourselves we were ready for the possibility of a black President , even an early during those pre Presidential candidate Obama days interview with Sarah Palin about Obama was positive. See

We really went out of our way to pretend we had moved pass our shitty past when it comes to race. However the truth became evident fast once Obama became President. This still isn’t really news about what happened because all the articles I’ve read focus on Michael Jacques claiming he was coerced to say he was a part of it. That’s where the news lies for this story, not the burning but the fact one guy out of three isn’t going to man up like his two buddies Benjamin Haskell and Tomas Gleason who both pleaded guilty. What’s even more disturbing is these are young 20 something’s, that’s the demographic that was supposed to be up for such “change” in the very fabric of America. Not to make it seem like it would be understandable if some old white guys did this but if that kind of hate is in young Americans with all this diversity around in today’s world, not just America the world, when will this silly racist shit stop?

Jacques is charged with conspiracy against civil rights, damage to religious property, use of fire to commit a felony and aiding and abetting. If he is found guilty he could be sentenced up to 60 years in prison.


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