6yr old frisked at airport, and the problem is?????

This is one of those examples of slow news, the Libya civil war and politicians bickering have become old news. I’m going to keep this short. If this was 2002 No one would even begin to question this. We’re witnessing this whole extra security thing be dismantled as fast as it was implemented. People don’t want to do the x-ray because of radiation or some privacy issues and body image issues. People hate the “random” selecting. People are screaming liberties are being striped and Big Brother stuff but again if this was 2002 would anyone be saying anything? We’ve slacked on our security example being Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab last year. Now the bigger question is have other young children been frisked and if so what makes this any different? It was caught on camera or the little girl seems to have been confused? You’re watching this become news and of course children will not be frisked as a result. Children are pawns for a lot things a lot of times and we’re publicly saying this isn’t what our airport security should do. She was frisked, it happens, get over it. This isn’t news.


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