Kindergartners getting free Ipad 2 in Auburn Maine


When this news broke it was pitched as such a wonderful thing, a school district investing in our future generation. I heard about this while listening to NPR and the guy who did the story even spoke on the phone to a very articulate little girl. Again it seems cool a nice feel good story and even in the first comments I read while I was researching this story I saw how people wouldn’t give a 5 year old such an expensive device, that was the only complaint.  

Then I started running into things that matched my mindset. Tax dollars, the state not just Auburn is paying for these kindergartners to have these Ipad 2’s. We were just on pins and needles about what will the government do because of the federal budget last Friday and 5 years olds are getting Ipads 2’s? Why not seniors in high school, a program for dropouts in GED classes to encourage them to get their GED or the lower performing schools in the state? Money would have been invested wisely in my opinion if the Ipad 2 went to those kids or just invest in better programs for all students no matter the grade.


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