Let’s take our country back


It’s obvious something will be cut in the next few weeks, the question is what will it be? Both parties are playing these silly games with our lives, mostly poor people lives and we should be sick of it. We should demand to know from the politicians not a website what programs are being looked at to be cut. As of now the Republicans are bent on only disclosing that Medicaid, Social Security and Planned Parenthood are three of the programs on the table. What else?  Maybe Obama and Boehner should do a prime time reading of every program and give a description of that program on every fucking network, Animal Planet, HGTV, Nick and Cartoon Network included. No debating or making faces just flat out read the list of programs and what they are, by definition not theory or speculation. These programs cuts will affect America and all Americans one way or another.

What we also need to do is start finding people looking to get in the political arena for the first time with no background in politics at all, stop looking at these career politicians and re-electing them, they’re the problem plan and simple. Politicians on both sides are cool with divided line thing, it’s something to do while they’re working. The truth is when voters from both parties come together on an issue that’s when a problem occurs, politicians fight the people Missouri legislators are proof in that. The people of the state of Missouri voted to have a higher minimum wage that also would become higher automatically through time. The bill was reduced to keeping the minimum wage the same at the federal level and the increasing aspect was ignored all together. Then there’s the puppy mill cruelty prevention act portion of the bill which was watered down to the point that the politicians might as well had not acknowledged it existed at all. So what are the politicians doing now, trying to make it harder for our citizens to make voter initiatives. Do they want to really do this, not really because in the end most voter initiatives are debatable between voters and party lines which give politicians something to fight about. This time the whole state, people from both party lines, agreed on both portions of Proposition B and the politicians failed to delivery. Wasn’t that the big theme last year Obama wasn’t listening to people so the Mid term elections came and John Boehner talked about how the people have spoken? They spoke this time too five years ago and what happened? Both sides agreed with gutting the bill. The only people that were pissed in the interviews I saw and heard were the people fighting for those causes in the first place, not a politician.

 Sly James will be Kansas City new Mayor and he has no experience in politics AT ALL and he gives off a vibe of wanting to listen and work things out. We need to vote more of those kinds of people in office today more than ever. We just have to hope that those people we vote in don’t find them selves dragged into the mud of politics. That brings me ultimately to our President. Obama gave off the feeling he wasn’t going to play those games, and yes I want to believe that he really did want to get away from the pick a side, we win you lose style of how things go in Washington but he didn’t. At this point he can’t.

 Trust me no one no matter what party they affiliate themselves with wants to see head start, flood and coastal emergency, food safety and inspection services and state and local air quality management gone at all. Who wants kids not getting an early education, unsafe food, poor air quality and incase of floods if you live on coastal areas no emergency response? (had that by the way about 6 six years ago) Is that really something that divides us a nation safety and education? If we find issues as a nation we agree on that puts the pressure on politicians, look pass what’s being fed to us and find common ground as a people. Demand that our politicians to act like grown ups and make them do the jobs they are supposed to do. They’re content with the who’s right who’s wrong debates and sound bytes, it’s their jobs, they get paid by us to do this song and dance and we should stop the music.


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