Embarrassing Americans: Reds pitcher busted for stealing $50 shirts

 Mark Leake

This is why Pitchers don’t steal bases in baseball, they’re not good thieves. First I never been a baseball fan and I used to keep up with the sport through talk radio or Mike and Mike. Lately I just have lost any need to even care for baseball, the witch hunt for steroid users turned me off on the whole sport. But every once in awhile a story like this comes around and you’re shocked and baffled at what you just heard. Cincinnati Reds pitcher Mike Leake was caught stealing 6 shirts worth about $60 each? What?

He was in Macy’s shoplifting, taking the tags off 6 shirts. A major league baseball player is shoplifting, did the people there not give him the star stuck treatment and let him just get the shirts for free? Forgot his credit cards and checkbbok for such must have shirts? He’s 23 and if this was a bar fight we’d excuse his action because he’s young, we all know we would it’s what we do. We excuse athletes for doing dumb stuff, Kobe call a ref a fagot it;’s not a big deal now. Shouldn’t this be a time to look into this guy and his past and see if he has a problem? Leake makes $425,000 I’m sure he could have afforded one of those shirts. I know people hearing this story aren’t sure what to make of this at all. All this happened before he was supposed to be at batting practice. This is just another black eye for Baseball, yeah it’s not grand jury trail stuff like what Bonds is going through but Leake could spend time in jail. What happens in court, if it goes to court, is the real news. This will be old news next week as soon as something crazy happens in the NBA, Leake will may go to court and get probation and no one will even know and if they do not care.


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