RSIEH: Boogie Down Productions: Why Is That

 BDP Boogie Down Prodcution

This song, more than “My Philosphy” is what truly sold me on BDP and KRS as an MC. I knew all about “Criminal Minded”, “The Bridge Is Over” and “South Bronx” but at that time didn’t get the Criminal Minded album. “Why Is That” was just dope to me from the beat to the message, I swear it played everyday on WRAPs’ rap hour. To be in Middle school and have a MC break down the bible in a song was crazy. To then to show that those people in the bible were black people was beautiful to a young easily impressionable black kid like me. I taped it and played it back over and over again. As many times as I have had read the bible it really wasn’t til I was at work as a maintenance man at Brookridge Apts I had paid attention to what KRS was saying.  I had to empty and apartment that still had furniture and all kinds of shit left in there, I just got tired of working read the bible that the person who stayed there had left. Without going into super detail like say Ras Kass “Nature Of The Threat”, which I will post one day too, KRS did have his facts right and proved his point about black people being in the bible.

 Not to get off on a rant but that is a lost piece of our identity as black people, sure some of us scream we were the first people on earth all day. Do they really know to what extent that remark means?  I’m not getting into black Jesus vs. white Jesus but the facts are there in the bible. Being a middle school student and hearing that song and then in 8th grade as a class assignment reading about Malcolm X, you it got no better than that. BDP and Public Enemy as well Rakim were them dudes to me. It’s one reason why I don’t really ride with Hip Hop today. Black men and women took time to tell respect ourselves and know who we are and were. You’re not getting that today on the radio at all. This song helped change my view on how I looked at not just the bible but the history, what isn’t being told to us as black people when it comes to our part in history?

  Verse One

The day begins, with a grin
And a prayer to excuse my sins
I can walk anywhere I choose
Cause everybody listens to the B.D.P. crew
We’re not here for glamour or fashion
But here’s the question I’m askin
Why is it young black kids taught {flashin?}
They’re only taught how to read, write, and act
It’s like teachin a dog to be a cat
You don’t teach white kids to be black
Why is that? Is it because we’re the minority?
Well black kids follow me
Genesis chapter eleven verse ten
Explains the geneology of Chem
Chem was a black man, in Africa
If you repeat this fact they can’t laugh at ya
Genesis fourteen verse thirteen
Abraham steps on the scene
Being a descendent of Chem which is a fact
Means, Abraham too was black
Abraham born in the city of a black man
Called Nimrod grandson of Kam
Kam had four sons, one was named Canaan
Here, let me do some explaining
Abraham was the father of Isaac
Isaac was the father of Jacob
Jacob had twelve sons, for real
And these, were the children of Isreal
According to Genesis chapter ten
Egyptains descended from {Hahm,Kam}
Six hundred years later, my brother, read up
Moses was born in Egypt
In this era black Egyptians weren’t right
They enslaved black Isrealites
Moses had to be of the black race
Because he spent fourty years in Pharoah’s place
He passed as the Pharoah’s grandson
So he had to look just like him
Yes my brothers and sisters take this here song
Yo, correct the wrong
The information we get today is just wack
But ask yourself, why is that?
Verse Two

The age of the ignorant rapper is done
Knowledge Reigns Supreme Over Nearly Everyone
The stereotype must be lost
That love and peace and knowledge is soft
Do away with that and understand one fact
For love, peace must attack
And attack real strong, stronger than war
To conquer it and its law
Mental pictures, stereotypes and fake history
Reinforces mystery
And when mystery is reinforced
That only means that knowledge has been lost
When you know who you really are
Peace and knowledge shines like a star
I’m only showin you a simple fact
It Takes A Nation of MILLIONS to Hold Us people Back
Which is wack, but we can correct that
Teach and learn what it is to be black
Cause they’re teachin birds to be a cat
But ask yourself homeboy, why is that


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