Michigan is showing you where the country is headed

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“Now we’re a relatively poor state. So you have to wonder at what point Michigan has that responsibility to providing essentially welfare to the lower-income working people?”

                                                                                                                   Don Grimes

Before I go any further let’s review the word welfare shall we?

Welfare – Government provision of economic asstistance to persons in need.  Government provision for unemployed, injured, or aged people; financed by contributions from employers and employees as well as by government revenue. Something that aids or promotes well-being; “for the benefit of all”

Now the only way I see calling the EITC welfare is a half true statement. We tend to claim those on welfare aren’t working and are allowing the system to take care of them. Now to be fair in that sense I’m all for cutting welfare. I’m all for cutting anything that looks like welfare, but when you say someone who is working and isn’t making the income that meets or exceeds the standard of living and that person(s) getting a state EITC is welfare then there is a problem. EITC is Earn Income Tax Credit which by the name alone means you don’t make enough to support yourself so here’s some of YOUR money back. Grimes failed to mention that when you get your W2 forms it shows what you earned that year and then the tax system breaks down your life. If you have kids you will get more back then someone who doesn’t. So why not in that case if you’re trying to save money cut the EITC for those who have no children? To cut the state EITC because the state can’t afford it isn’t a good answer, everyone knows the state EITC is lower anyway. Plus if a person once had a well paying job and for some reason owes the IRS at least they would still get their state EITC to take care of their family.

Another big issue with this whole welfare thing and in this case low income people receiving EITC, it’s the news media spin on it. Somehow the media seems to find people of color for these stories about low income and welfare which helps feed into the stereotype. The saddest thing about our country is to make things relatable to the nation we have to make them white. When someone is injured or aged and is in need of government assistance to bring that story home you’ll see an old man or woman who most likely has had their own business, had to sell that business or shut it down to pay for medical issues and feel they put into this country for years and should be helped in their time of need. You know what else you see, those people are white.  In that instance it becomes relatable to the average American. Going back to low paying jobs and how not just the state level but federal wants to do away with EITC to bring that home they show people of color. Again it’s sad to put it this way but if a Democrat wants to argue the need for this program they will have to find white people to make the poster children for their argument.

That in itself is an issue because as a country we’ve been shielding the truth for people on a public level. If you work a nice respectable non Wal-Mart, fast food and anywhere dealing with your hands, standing on feet for long periods of time and working around people who have done time in prison you don’t want your job singled out as low income. Truth is if you work at florist shop and you’re not the owner you might be low income, all those office jobs where people sit in a cubical all day, some of those are low income jobs. If you just make a few hundred dollars under the number that qualifies as the standard of living, you get a W2 form and you’ve even made plans with that tax refund check… You’re low income. So to bring home just how important it is to help people who are working take care of their families you need white faces. Not just white faces but nice identifiable jobs like a librarian, non union teachers and office workers, just nothing to do with food or warehouses. You think anyone wants to see a librarian not being able to take care of themselves or their family or a teacher for that fact? Those aren’t the people that become the faces of these stories though. We don’t see the college grad who still has to try and make ends meet working at low paying job because his or her parents were blue collar workers and staying home wasn’t an option, what we get is a black single mother with just a high school education working at Target. That is the way it’s fed to us we still go out of our way to associate people of color with being poor, poorly educated, working low paying jobs and welfare. We do this while we forget people of color are the minority and the money they’re trying to save on the budget by cutting welfare and EITC will affect more than just African Americans and Hispanics. You go to small towns that love to be patriotic and the people there aren’t all living above the poverty level. This goes back to when jobs were being lost and the news media went out of their way to find white well to do people now working lower paying jobs, I never saw someone white who was already working a low paying job but was let go and then found themselves trying to find work on the news at all. If you want to make Americans relate to what’s going with welfare and EITC start showing white people who will be affected by these changes the Republicans are considering, it’s fucked up but that’s the only way people will pay attention.


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