Mondays Poll: Do you think Obama will be re-elected?

obama inaguration

I first thought that question was a no- brainer then I started talking to people that understood he had to fix 8 years of bullshit in 4 years plus the current situation. Even those people I talked to weren’t completely forgiving though. Obama has proven that our country works in 2 year cycles and if you’re willing to wait it out while pointing the finger things will fall your way in tow years. The GOP held up and fought Obama off long enough to play the blame game and with the help of The Tea Party took control of the Senate. Now they’re playing a chess match to do nothing more than keep coming up with a stalemate this year.

 People are saying Obama hasn’t done anything so far. Need I remind people the first and last year of Bush jr. Presidency he wasn’t doing shit. Before 9/11 what was Bush doing? Hell the day of 9/11 he was reading to children, Bush was making the rounds like he was MissAmericabefore 9/11. Once all the pro war stuff got old and people really focused on him and his lack of work he was viewed unfavorably before he left office. Obama has been in repair mode since he got in office. I don’t agree that after his year in office he could no longer blame the last administration for the countries woes. I do however agree that the bailout wasn’t the best move and added to those woes. Not because it didn’t work but because it didn’t help Americans. Jobs have been sent overseas and are continuing to do so, companies are making money again but no one is hiring American workers. That by all rights does fall on the President.

 There really isn’t much Obama can do in my opinion because I don’t think he’ll play the blame game and if he tried he’d lose the republicans how mastered that game. Just look now, they’ve held the man up to the point he’s only done one thing and that’s health care and that’s being fought tooth and nail. We don’t care about facts so even what facts he does have in corner won’t help. He’s been the president and no matter how well he does in the debates, he’ll still come away the loser in them simply because he hasn’t done anything in four years. He’s proposals in 08 will be his proposals next year. Again it’s not so much his fault it’s our government layout we vote every two years so we haven’t had shit done in four years because of a power struggle. Truthfully I’m all for a third and fourth party jumping in this because are main two suck.


2 thoughts on “Mondays Poll: Do you think Obama will be re-elected?

  1. While it’s true we are stuck with two corporate controlled and owned political parties, there are still vast differences between how certain groups (Blacks, Latinos, women, gays, young people, labor unions, the elderly) fare with Democrats than they do with Republicans. I wish we had a few more viable political parties, but as the Tea Party shows, one day you’re grass roots and the next day you’re a subsidiary of rich pricks like the Koch Brothers and other fat cats in Corporate America.

    If anyone was expecting Obama to undo all the evils of the Bush/Cheney two-headed monster, they were doomed to be disappointed. Obama needs a lot more genuine liberals in the House and Senate and a lot fewer right-wing Republicans and Blue Dog Democrats. When folks dump on him for coming up short on the change they were hoping for, how much attention do they pay to the fact he is kind of isolated in Washington?

    It’s too soon to give up on Obama because if you think things will get ANY better with Republicans running the White House, the Congress and the Supreme Court, you would be seriously kidding yourself.

    • I agree with what you’re saying, I’m just not sure the American public can see pass the BS. That’s what it all comes down to the independent voters choice and if they don’t feel the affects of a better economy that everyone keeps talking about that could cost him a second term. No one is looking at who caused the problem they just want it fixed and the perception is Obama isn’t fixing it. The fact he’s being slowed down or just stop with every bill he’s trying to get passed doesn’t help. His four years will be summed up with bank and wall street bailouts, a health care bill that people need but are too anti- Obama to realize it and his involvement with the middle east conflicts. As of late I’m kinda on the fence when it comes to Obama, I hope it get re-elected but at what cost? What programs will be eliminated, how many more jobs will be sent overseas and how much in your face racism will we have to witness if he gets a second term?

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