Kansas City topic Light Rail vs. street cars

light rail

Today on Up To Date the decision was about street cars and it’s always funny how this argument other means of public transportation turns into a culture gap. My personal opinion is we don’t need light rail or street cars at all, if anything come up with more metro bus routes and make it a 24 hour service. Let’s be real if the city was to go the light rail route it would have to go for 24 hours, it would make no sense to stop it by 12am. So instead of investing in that why not make more routes and have the service run 24 hours you will make your money back. Why not expand the bus routes to the surrounding areas as well. Kansas City is spread out and if you live in the city and have transportation and are unemployed that will not change because most of the jobs are outside of the city.

That won’t happen though because the talks about light rail and street cars that are happening are made to cater to those in the plaza or those downtown. Mayor Funkhouser had it right, don’t do these alternative public transportation plans for simply going from the plaza to downtown. The lady who spoke today gave off the impression there is nothing pass The River Market, downtown, Crown Center and the plaza. She totally alienated the east side of the city, with no thoughts are trying to include that part of the city. It’s fucked up the more you read and hear about what plans are made to better this city there’s always a racial underline. People don’t want light rail because of the stigma it holds as far the kinds of people who will get on and ride. Street cars have more of a the well to do, higher educated, predominately white passengers ride them vibe.

Again just put more metro buses and add routes… That would mean people would have to be around other people they wouldn’t normally be around though and there is the problem. I see it when I get on the main street MAX all the time, white people sitting on the isle seat not letting Mexicans or blacks sit beside them. As soon as the bus stops at Crown Center and more white people get on everyone seems to be more into letting people sit with them. I’ve also seen people choose to stand because they down want to sit near black and brown people. So the city is willing to invest in another kind of public transportation instead of making the one they currently have better because there shouldn’t be undesirables on the route to the River Market from the plaza? It’s funny how the show today truly said that in way too many words, and that’s why this city will always be divided.


2 thoughts on “Kansas City topic Light Rail vs. street cars

  1. Only one problem with your theory, you can’t possibly make a bus system better in the 21st Century. Most people don’t want more routes because a person shouldn’t have to take more buses to get to the same place a few buses and a train could get them to in less.

    I live in a city with light rail. Basically I take one bus and a train to school. Without the train, it would be 3 buses. Trains cover such a long distance that it drives out the need of a few buses

    As for the racial thing, I wouldn’t let white people’s racism get in the way of why KC needs mass transit. Personally I hate having to share my seat with anyone. White people are just as racist here as they are there when it comes to the bus. In fact, white people won’t even give up their front seat for the black elderly but blacks will give up their seat for white elderly. You can’t force a race to ever grow up and look past race. But that is no reason to make the other races suffer because of lack of train.

    Now I think for this plan to work, they need to hit the 4 major focal points of a proper train system:
    1. Airport
    2. hospital
    3. universities
    4. major attractions

    if it doesn’t meet those 4 points, then a train system just won’t work out. a train has to serve both the commuter and the average joe who wants to go to a ball game or wants to save cab fare to the airport.

    • You’re right Sanders, you don’t need more bus routes that take you to the same places, however like your layout with where a train should go there are no reliable bus route for the airport here. That really is where my issue comes in. The one bus that takes you to some shopping center in the middle of nowhere as well as the airport is only available during the weekdays and stops at 6pm with no weekends, but the buses going to the casino are like every other bus line in the city system. If you’re going to spend money on making light rail to go there why not just extend the bus route you have now to do it? I’ve taken that bus to save on parking and it’s a two stop ride. That shopping center has a Wal-Mart there’s employment opportunities right there even (if I’m just not a fan of Wally) same for the airport employment.

      That also plays into racism because the thought is minorities ride buses as well as bums and no one wants them getting out of the “urban core” so many routes are cut short or have odd schedules. Again it goes to employment and not having a car or wanting to save on gas you can’t get to work or go out to those places and find a job.

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