When is bullying out of the schools hand?

 no bullying

The trail surrounding Phoebe Prince suicide brought back up the topic of bullying in school and cyber bullying again. Now I for one do not believe in Cyber bullying at all, I mean if people are messing with you online talk to the site administrators. It’s in the terms not to harass people. Many people don’t take the approach for some reason. Another thing I’ve noticed about cyber bullying is, it’s cyber gossip, nothing more than mean rumors. The same stuff people have done and will do as long as there are humans, it’s just online now and even more so with phones being nothing more than computers these days.

The issue is as the teens who went to trail made deals and have probation (a cop out in itself) the role of the school comes into play. Many people feel if the bullying starts in school or spreads to school grounds that the school should get involved. I agree if it’s reaches school grounds yes get involved, however if it leaves schools how does that become a concern for the school? I remember being told in my school daze about how fighting off the school bus off of schools ground was still a school matter because no one went home yet. The way it was always told to us once was until you went inside your home your school was still responsible for you. But in today’s  world with students having phones that line has become blurred.

So when does a school no longer have any say over students/teens? InWashingtonthey are considering to include cyber bullying to the reach of school getting involved. I get that if something starts off in a neighborhood and spills over in school then school has a right to intervene but even then what is the line. I mean if two students rarely see one another on school grounds and the bullying takes place into the evening hours does the school have the right to act? How about local bullying during the summer or holiday breaks and then students return to school s or school is ending and the kid is bullied during the summer. This should be something a guidance counselor should talk to the parents of the students about, all parties involved about what’s going on. It’s sad that once things get completely out of hand we hear about the victim’s parents but never the bullies parents. Maybe that should be a route to look at not just punishing the students but inform the parents of the bullies and if the bullying continues hold the parents of the bullies responsible.

What do you think?  


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