NBA Playoffs 2011 is the year of change

 NBA playoffs

With The Celtics being eliminated that leaves only the Dallas Mavericks as a team that has been a playoff regulars for over a decade. The NBA has been flirting with such a turn around changing of the guard for a few years while still enjoying predictability and star power in the playoffs. It was cool a few years ago to watch teams like the Jazz, Hawks and Hornets make it to a second round because it kept things exciting but you knew it would always boil down to the regulars in the finials. This year not so much, well that’s if the Heat doesn’t make it to the finials.

I’ve basically left the NBA alone, it’s truly become a load your team with star and get a championship. It’s been rare these last few years to see a team that just added a good group of role players take the title. All this started way back when Clyde Drexler joined the Rockets and helped that team get a second title, yeah I went way back there. People tend to forget the Barkley joined the Rockets the next year with that goal to be a powerhouse and get a title. It didn’t work then because the NBA was still somewhat balanced back then. Now since Shaq went to the Heat it’s been a theme. I know some people don’t think much of Ron Artest but him joining the Lakers as well as when Paul Gasol who joined the team before him went to LA it was inevitable they’d win a championship. The NBA felt good about Garrnet and Ray Allen joining the Celtics the year they won their championship. James and Bosh joining Wade guaranteed the Heat would and should make the finals this year, being champions would be the bonus. So if the Heat and Mavs meet AGAIN in the finals it will be groundhogs day just with different stars playing Shaq (James and Bosh).

As it looked that the Lakers were in trouble against the Mavs  people were already thinking that the Lakers should get the Dwight Howard. The NBA has become the MBL and no one has really noticed or cared. Teams are buying championships and yet the Mavs, those up and coming teams held their own this year. I kinda hope the Heat don’t make it just to give the NBA new blood in the finals. Yeah it won’t get ratings but it will be different like when the Nets made it and the Spurs before that became normal to see. The NBA is now like the video games, you load your team with the stars and get a title. The good thing this year is the new teams that have knocked out the old regulars like the Spurs and the Magic, yes even the Heat beatingBostonwas a good thing to me. Now if the Thunder or Grizzles can knock off the Mavs and the Bulls do the same to the Heat (wishful thinking all the way) I might make it a priority to watch the finals just because it would be different.


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