Kansas City jobs cause and affect


The last 2 weekends I have been downtown shooting footage for some videos and the first place I wanted to go was where I had always seen some graffiti. Never really been down that way before ever, had no reason to til that day, and I noticed just how nothing was down there. None of the buildings in a five block radius had business, not one… One building was a church and another when I went back to do a sunset scene had a band playing and people lined up outside. Pass that it was like a ghost area, cars didn’t drive pass the area. Go up a few block go over the over pass and you’re in the Power & Light District. So betweenCrownCenterand P&L there a bars and clubs and lofts no businesses at all. Why?

 All of the warehouses in the area have been turned into lofts so a certain kind of people can be close to P&L and the whole vibe. My issue is the city claims they want people to open business in the city and they do but not in these sections. We have people unemployed and in some zip codes where it is mostly African Americans the unemployment rate is really high. To encourage people to open a business in that area would be good, their business would be right on the bus line you’re gong to help people get work and it’s right in the middle of things so your business will get work. I do know this is Kansas City so that doesn’t even mean people in East KC will get work because the offer would go to those in KS before it will to those in East Kansas City. But still it’s five blocks of empty buildings so even a nice amount of minorities should be able to start a business you would think.

 Then there is the space of emptiness behind the SprintCenteras well as a few blocks up from the UMB and Commerce Banks You go towards Broadway from Grand around 11 and 10th street and see nothing but old buildings and lofts. There are a few bars here and there but nothing that screams small independent business. It’s sad the people who live in these area aren’t concerned about such emptiness around them, all you see are parking lots but again there are no jobs in the area so is parking way out there and then walking blocks and blocks to get to their job?

 The word is there is so much red tape to go through to get a business in KC, not sure why when the city needs non chain businesses bad. It’s just a shame that the city complains about unemployment and yet has no intention on having buildings locally open start businesses and to begin to hire people. A portion of these buildings will be torn down and turned into more parking lots. Since I’ve been here the city seems to be willingly disregarding those who live within the city that aren’t college students or people into the fine arts. I mean even with the level of this city’s Jazz history there are not a lot of Jazz clubs in the city AT ALL. The city needs to take care of those, all of those, within the city itself and worry about those in the outside burbs and KS later. EvenMain streetis becoming empty, every time I go down there more shops are closing or closed, again local businesses who had local residents working there are being shut down.


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