Movie Madness: Enough with 3D movies

3D glasses

The biggest trend at theaters next to these super movie venues where you automatically pay for you food and may not even want to eat it, you may be an out of towner and can’t use vouchers  somewhere back home but you paid 40 to 50 bucks per person anyway is these 3D movies.

 The scam is on such a high right now that movie theatres are busting their asses to convert more and more of their screens for 3D movies leaving the regular 2D stuff behind. The scam of course if you remember the first time you went to a 3D movie is the price doubles automatically, movie prices are already high as it is. Hell, the whole going out to the movies experience is way to expensive these days and has been for years. I get that you should pay more to see 3D flicks what I’m not getting is having people pay more for movies converting their films into 3D for sake of following  the trend. Those movies not filmed in 3D format shouldn’t be priced at 3D prices. This BS has went on long enough.

 What Hollywoodshould be doing is coming up with better movies in general. Besides Dark Knight Returns, Black Swan, the first Iron Man, No Country For Old Men and hand full of other films there hasn’t been great films out in years. Now this 3D craze has every 3rd to 4th string horror flick coming out in 3D and anything even remotely close to an adventure flick, super hero flick, and something fantasy-ish doing it too. That needs to stop, those flims are getting to the theatres because they’re in 3D if it wasn’t for 3D they’d be straight to DVD releases. Hollywood should invest more into these small indie and foreign films that people love and enjoy instead of doing reboots and American  remakes of successful foreign films, every American remake isn’t going to be Let Me In (still haven’t seen that yet because I really love Let The Right One In and don’t want to compare the two). InsteadHollywood has helped movie theatres come up with yet another way to take our money.

 I’m not for waiting to see films if I really think I’d enjoy watching it but I’m not paying double and wearing some fucking glasses I don’t even get to keep. I know this 3D thing is to curb the bootlegging because without the glasses the screen is supposed to be kinda fuzzy, well news flash those 3D films are being bootlegged too and some are somewhat clear. I’m not for bootlegging anything but a bootleg film for $5 verses paying anywhere $20 to $50 for one ticket is a fucking deal. A few years ago before this whole 3D thing popped off theatres andHollywoodwere trying to figure out what to do because the economy was so bad and the movies were even worse but both parties needed money. It’s why there’s such a fight now to have DVD releases take longer than what seems to be about 3 months now. Again make better movies and if you film a movie for 3D viewing cool, just converting to the format for the fuck of it and a quick buck isn’t cool at all.


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