Can Luther Campbell be Hip Hops Jesse Ventura?

luther campbell

You all know Luther “Uncle Luke” Campbell former front man of 2 Live Crew is running for mayor in Miami, ok I hope you do, if you don’t you do now. A lot of people wanted to write this run off as a publicity stunt. It would be easy to do so because of the reputation he has, but he says he’s really serious about this run. I saw him on CNN and he started out kind of nervous and then relaxed and really came off like he knew what he was talking about.

 It’s good to see a Hip Hop artist likeCampbellmake such a move in his life. It would be expected if Speech, Chuck D., Kool Mo Dee, or any other MC who has made political statements in their music but this is Luther Campbell. Yeah, he went up against Gores’ wife and took it to the Supreme Court about freedom of speech and even had that song that I didn’t really like about being banned in theUSA(the hook was a total rip-off of the Springsteen classic hit) but I don’t count that though. It is still good to see this because it shows Hip Hop artists have more on their plate then what Hip Hop heads seem to focus on like clothing lines, alcohol and clubs. I figure every Hip Hop site, magazine, radio station of any kind and blogs should keep a section for updates ofCampbellmovements in this race. I know his past will be the only target for attack ads, the thing is if you remember his music and persona he was never a threat, unless you were a parent of a hot daughter with a big ass duringCampbell’s heyday.

 Campbellmay be able to squeeze this out if people overlook his past and focus on the facts and proposals if he Campbell has any good proposals. This could be a great step forward in Hip Hop as a whole, so I’m all for Luther Campbell for mayor inMiami, don’t live there so my support is only minimum but it’s there.

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