What does Trump reconsidering his political run mean?


Everyone knew it was coming once Obama said a copy of his birth certificate was online for all to see. Trump had no choice but to end his pre-run witch hunt/circus act. Like I and anyone who really listened to the guy have said he had nothing pass his attacks on Obama going for him. Once that bump in the road was settled you rarely heard from Trump til now when he announced he wasn’t going to run even though he beloved he could win not just the Republican primaries but beat Obama as well.

What is the real underline to all this? The non issue hot button Trump chose to ride until the wheels fell off was put to rest quicker than anyone expected. And that may be the new move to battle the GOP, defuse all these non issues before they get out of hand. The republican in house bickering will also help. There is some insider debate about the evangelical issues verses the real issues like the economy. That kind of topic would have come up in a primary at some point on Trump. And with primaries being televised live and then critiqued, broken down and literally dissected word for word with fact checks Trump would have been exposed early.

Some want to say he dropped out because he doesn’t want his finances to be made public. That sounds good to help make it seems more Trump like. It even may be true, half true if you ask me. No this whole side show was cute for a minute, he has regained some spotlight and has chose to continue on with his not as good as it used to be show The Apprentice on NBC. This may have been a publicity stunt to get attention and then announce he’s not going to run and will continue with his show, he’s guaranteed a strong first few weeks in the ratings now for sure. Just another strange turn of events within the GOP I guess.


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