The Book Of David as told by DJ Quik

book of david album cover

When you think of West Coast Hip Hop top producers of course Dre is always gonna be the first name on that list and rightfully so. But who follows him on that lst? There’s Daz, Warren G, Muggs, Dj Pooh, Sir Jinx and Alchemist who makes most people list when they realize he is from LA. One name that sometimes doesn’t come up, well with the people I ask, is Quik. To me Quik held things down just as hard as Dre did in the late 80’s and 90’s. The last major move I know he made was hot but illegal track he produced for Truth Hurts, remember “Addictive”, the song that was quickly banned because of the sample not being cleared?

 Quik had a great ride back in the day. In 2011, he drops a new album The Book Of David, and it truly West Coast. One thing I’m still finding myself doing is keeping my ears open to vets dropping new releases that’s not KRS One (that’s not a diss on KRS it’s just he’s always dropping something somewhere and I can’t keep up).

 The album starts off good with “Fire and Brimstone” which is hot and kinda funny. Hot because the bars and beat are on point, funny because during the hook Quik taps into Redman from the What Da Album? days with his adlibs. Think of some old early 90’s Redman adlibs and then imagine Quik with his calmness doing that kind of shit…. FUNNY. The breezy “Do Today” features Jon B., yeah the white dude, and someone named Blackazz K.K (don’t know how someone took a hood comment and turned it into his recording name. Oh shit that’s how Snoop got his name, never mind). The song is nice but it doesn’t prepare you for “Ghetto Rendezvous”. On Ghetto Rendezvous Quik takes aim at his family, the song is purely insiders stuff if you don’t know the situation you’re just enjoying his boldness.  Now I saw that Bizzy Bone was on here and was really thinking would I like “Babylon”? I do like it and that’s because it beat is so ill and Quik kills shit on his verse. My personal favorite and what made me have to go out and get this album is “Killer Dope”. This shit is just a perfect track of what you would think Quik would drop in 2011. From the beat to the bars “Killer Dope” grabs you if you’re like me and not that into the traditional West Coast sound. Jon B. returns for a second time for “Real Women” and this is kinda cool of a song. What could have been a corny line over another beat and in another song all together is “The world calls me Q/ but my letter don’t work unless it’s followed by a U/ You”.  Jon B. returns again on “Hydromatic” (are they working an album together or something?). This time Gift fromDetroit comes through to join in on the fun. The song is short and not something you’d miss. Once “Across The Map” comes on you totally forget the two songs before it. I’m fucked up because Bizzy Bone sounds like a chick to me sometimes on this song. Bizzy verse is so not needed I mean when got Bun B. on the track why would you let Bizzy spit, he should stick to hook.

 Some real West Coast shit pops off with “Nobody” featuring Suga Free who I haven’t heard from for a minute. One thing I notice on this song and really this album Michael Jackson death really has an impact on the Hip Hop community, both Quik and Sgua Free spoke on him in this one song. I love the way the beat switches at the end of “Nobody” too. The album has a few missteps like the Dwele featured “Time Stands Still”, which just comes out of nowhere. I give Quik love for trying something I for one wouldn’t place in Quiks’ lane. Even “So Compton” wasn’t as hot I was expecting with the title. “The End is a smooth ass way to end shit as the beat is ill as fuck and Quik is on his game on here as he is on most of the album.

 The Book Of David is one of the better albums I’ve heard this year and it’s cool to see Quik didn’t feel compelled to hunt any of the mainstream dudes down for this album. This is typical West Coast Hip Hop, it’s not something Dre would do as Dre can use East Coast samples and add shit to it and it becomes a West Coast thing like the original “California Love” by Pac. This is from the start to finish a nice piece of work with a few tracks that aren’t worth a second listen at all. Does Quik still have it, hell yeah and it’s sad no one is getting at him for beats these days. From just listening to Book Of David I can tell he could easily have something on the radio if labels and A&Rs weren’t so anti Hip Hop vets that aren’t Jay-Z and Dre. This album is a keeper just cause it feels West Coast and feels like Hip Hop.


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