Racism at the Plaza


“Why are niggers taking over the plaza” was what I saw in my search engine term box a week or so ago. So there is an issue with a large group of black teens hanging out on the Plaza, yes that’s really the issue black teens on the Plaza. First off I applaud those teens because I know there is a generation of African Americans that will not, because they know they’re not wanted, ever set foot on the Plaza grounds at all. These teens have overstepped that segregated issue. KC Currents had an episode about this “issue”. As they spoke to some black teens you realize they understand that the Plaza is one of the safest places to go, one girl spoke about the Plaza and Power & Light, those are the safest places in KC.

 Now as the story with the teens continued you heard problems starting to surface. The real problem is teens are always rebellious by nature. This is purely a double standard thing, I’ve been to Plaza and seen nothing but white teens before just standing around and no police stopped them. There is a stigma towards black teens dressing and talking in a certain way and that is where this problem lies. As the show went on you saw just where the divide comes in. A female said that there should be a place for teens to gather and that place is not on the Plaza if they want a place “cool” to hangout at (even she knew that wasn’t a good word to use). Then later a black man broke down the fact when you’re young you want to be seen out at certain places. He ran down a list of places I figure from his youth and these days the Plaza is that place for these teens.

 This little issue came up last year, I have been here for 6 years and I know since all the whiter people for the most part have made it a must to head downtown more and more minorities have flocked to the Plaza especially the teens. As the lady being interviewed said it’s a treasure of the city, people throughout the world come to the Plaza. Why is it a problem when teens from the same city blocks away go there? With me not really understanding the back story to the whole Bannister Mall comments that you can find anywhere on any forum, thread and comment box when it comes to blacks and being in certain places in KC and why it doesn’t blend well, it doesn’t take a genius to know black people must have messed up somewhere. The people in the city keeps forgetting the city has completely sparked life and energy and will promote ANYTHING west of Troost. To be honest there isn’t shit East of Troost in my opinion. The teens are there for the movies and the somewhat affordable stuff in the area, I’d be feeding into the segregation of this city if I truly believed why not open a movie theatre and decent strip malls in East KC. Yeah that will help the apparent African American problem in the Plaza and downtown but will also keep the city the way it has been for with generations, like I said I’m glad this generation of African Americans aren’t letting the unwanted tension affect them at all. What people aren’t realizing is increasing the police presence is increasing the African American teens because they feel all those cops will keep things from getting out of hand, a few of those teens interviewed said that themselves. 

 Will this tarnish the Plaza? No it won’t, the lady interviewed again spoke on how the Plaza is and will always be the go to spot in KC. If anything the decision makers of the Plaza may take time to see where the African American teen frequent and close all those places, that’s why they shut McDonalds down at not just the Plaza but also a food court downtown. It was cheap food and a hub for people, anyone with at the least dollar has a place to getaway from the rain, cold and hot weather and they don’t have to necessarily be a nuisance just be there.  That will be the next step I think, shut the movie theater down or have it where cash will no longer be accepted on the Plaza, because African American teens from the hood aren’t going to given a credit or debit card to run wild with.  Just more proof things will never change inKansas Cityat all.

You can click here and listen to the show

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