A real republican presidential candidate has made his announcement

Mit Romney

With the circus act that is Sarah Palin you would think there were no other republicans that even matter so far this year. I swear she just came out of no where and the media followed her like they do any not quite news story these days. Thursday Mit Romney announced he was getting in the race for President. Romney seems to be the best chance for the Republicans at this point since he’s surrounded by those who seem to have wandered off of the Republican’s version misfit island. Some say Romney never stopped campaigning for President since 08’.

The problem is and was back in 08’ theMassachusettsstate wide health care that is very similar to what Obama wants for the whole country. Romney passed that state bill when he was governor. I remember the comment about how universal health care was good for the state ofMassachusettsbut not the country as whole. Never understood that then and there will be questions about that next year. For now he has gotten attention from Trump, Palin and Gingrich for the day, well not Palin as since she was in the same state that in itself became a story.


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