We need the Separation of Church and State

american flag and a bible

It’s that time where we will see all the Primaries as well as hear from the know it alls that know the conservatives republican voters. This also means we’re going to hear a lot of Evangelical talk, about to me, non issues. Yes Abortion isn’t high on my list, it’s not a concern to me if a candidate is or isn’t pro life. What ideas that candidate has to fix our education system and economy is where I’m at, not they’re view on gays.

I’m not against Evangelicals, I’m against the fact that the one sided fears and hates that the group has for certain things seem to become the focus in debates. I’m also sick of seeing those same fears and hates are cloaked in their religion. I’m not cool with the fact no one even begins to address that with the exception of Obama in 08 to put this issue in some proper context. Those same ideologies led to the death of a man inKansasbecause he performed abortions, the killers defense was simply some act of God type defense, make the victim the bad guy and his killer the victim. The guy on trail and those who supported his decision to shot that doctor felt no need to even feel remorse at all. These are the people the Republicans find themselves trying to impress to get votes from, people who are no different than those people back in the day who burned women alive because same people believed they were witches… They did that because of faith too by the way.

So we will get back to personal choices being political issues, we missed it last election because of the financial crisis but after the mid terms last year you knew it was gonna be brought back up at full force. Evangelicals are boiling their thoughts on things down to pro life, anit gays, anti Islam, anti people of color and pro Jesus. Yes, that Christian part is what messed Romney up in the Republican primaries in 08’ and it’s still an issue this time. Kennedy had people against him because he was Catholic. The question of who Obama prays to is still a question up for debate in some parts of the country. If that concerns an Evangelical far more than jobs again why are we as a nation allowing them to dictate how debates shape out? Economy, foreign policy and abortion… Abortion? How about Gay marriage or civil union, that comes up too along with education. I remember when creationism vs. evolution was a political issue, your view on these issues could cost you votes.

Maybe this is the last great battle for our country, the need to eliminate all this racism, gay bashing, anti Islam and just invoking ones personal belief (being pro life) being passed as good Christian American values. We’ve gotten rid of prayer in school, we’re saying happy holiday instead of Merry Christmas, Easter break is now spring break, every major city has a gay pride celebration so why not stop all this religious talk in politics? I’ve always felt that your belief is your business and when evangelic faith based conferences for presidential hopefuls becomes major news it makes it seem as if religion is bigger than national issues… Not all religion just Christianity, not all Christians views either just the Anglo-Saxon Evangelical ones.




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