Tracey Morgan you are now a star

tracy morgan

Man it’s been along time since the hustle man role Tracy Morgan played on Martin as well as his resident token black guy on SNL. With the success of 30 Rock comes the burden of having shit he does get viewed with a different scope.

This shouldn’t be important to anyone because comedians say out there shit ALL THE TIME so I will try to be brief and move on to real shit to talk about. So Tracy had some really fucked up jokes about gays, children being gay and everyone is bent out of shape why? It’s a joke. Trust me even Bill Cosby has some jokes that by today’s standard can make him look bad. It’s Tracy Morgan if there are any comics in the business you really wouldn’t take serious he’s one of them. It’s not like he was at a bar drinking and then these comments came out or around friends and someone told the press the views expressed by Tracy Morgan. What’s crazy is if you followed his career he may have said that joke a few times here and there, so why is it a big deal now?

I’m not saying that people (GLAAD more specifically) shouldn’t be outraged and on their high horse about this, I’m saying it’s a joke. No one has heard the whole routine to hear the build up or end of the joke yet, is there some audio of the whole routine out there? So what can a fucking comic say now? I mean yeah Morgan stabbing his son to death for speaking in a gay voice is crazy but I’m sure people were laughing. When Carlin got to his no such thing as God routine I’m sure people were offended, Hell Carlin had a joke about doing crazy shit to some young girl who’s family sends Christmas letters out every year no one screamed in outrage. Comedians push the line all the time, they tap on our warped sense of humor, it’s a guilty pleasure to laugh at things in that setting you couldn’t laugh at other wise. To take offense because yes gay bashing is still a big thing in many places in Americais understandable but to really make such a big deal out of this is crazy. So would Bernie Mac have to not do the routine of his sisters three children that he took care of if he was still alive? That routine is classic and even got Mac a television show. That routine also claimed the only boy was gay and the funny stories of him being gay, yes he didn’t say the kid would get stabbed but I’m sure there were more harsh shit said in certain cities that didn’t make it in The Kings Of Comedy film.

Craziest shit is as Morgan and Tina Fey and even NBC are apologizing for the gay comments, do we get a public apology to his son who the comment was made about or do we as a people understand that Morgan is a good farther and his son was the vehicle for the joke? You would think stabbing his son would be as big of an issue as the gay thing, he said he’d stab his son… Come on people where is the outcry for justice on that fact alone? I’m not seeing child welfare jumping down Morgan’s back and it was his son that was going to be stabbed to death, maybe they understand it was a FUCKING JOKE. Again Tracy Morgan you’re a pop celebrity now if you didn’t know at first, so choose you words wisely from now on.

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