Hot Mixtape: Tony Touch 5 Dealy Venoms Of Brooklyn

5 deadly venoms of brooklyn

Classic Mixtape with Tony Touch, Dj Premier, EvilDee, P.F. Cuttin and Mister Cee. Real East Coast DJ Mixtape right here. I feel rockin a Hoodie and Tims  roll one up on the block right now, fuck the 90 Degree weather and the fact I been let go of letting the earth smoke touch my lungs. This is still hot today click here to get it.

Mixed by The Lizard aka P.F. Cuttin:
01. 5 Deadly Venoms Of Brooklyn – Intro
02. Verbal Hoodz – I’ll Be Damned
03. Dr Dre & B-Real – Puppet Master
04. Breeze Evahflowin – Forsaken
05. Busta Rhymes & Q-Tip – Wild Hot
06. Camp Lo – Say Word
07. The Dutchmin – Surrounded
08. Powerule – Bright Lights Big City

Mixed by The Toad aka Mister Cee:
09. Zhane – Request Line (Mister Cee Blend)
10. KRS One – Raptures Delight
11. Yvette Michelle – Not Feelin You (Mister Cee Blend)
12. The Veterans (Brucie Bee, Luvbug Starski & DJ Hollywood) – The Medicine
13. The Notorious B.I.G. – Hypnotize
14. Frankie Cutlass, Kool G. Rap, Mobb Deep & M.O.P. – Know The Game
15. Mobb Deep – Young Luv

Mixed by The Snake aka Tony Touch
01. Tony Touch – Deadly Freestyle
02. Steele Kat One & Lil Noc – Freestyle
03. Freddie Foxxx – Freestyle
04. Sunz Of Man & Makeeba – Freestyle
05. Guru – Freestyle
06. Channel Live & Benny Boom – Freestyle
07. Jeru The Damaja & Lil Dap – Freestyle

Mixed by The Scorpion aka DJ Premier:
08. Grandwizard Theodore & Kenny-Kev Rockwell – Military Cut
09. Busy Bee vs Kool Moe Dee – Live at The Harlem World
10. Double Trouble – Live At The Amphitheater L.E.S.
11. Cold Crush – It’s Us
12. T La Rock – It’s Yours
13. LL Cool J – I Need A Beat (Jazzy Mix 1984)
14. Malcolm McLaren & World Famous Supreme Team – Buffalo Gals
15. MC Lyte – I Cram To Understand
16. Divine Force Crew – Holy War
17. DJ Premier – Ending Interlude

Mixed by The Centipede aka Evil Dee:
18. Black Skavengers – Poison Pill
19. Jeru Tha Damaja – Me Or The Papes
20. M.O.P. – Downtown Swinga
21. Krumb Snatcha – Gettin Closer To God
22. Shamus & FLU – Tight Team
23. AK Skills – East To West
24. Shades OfBrooklyn – Calm Under Pressure


One thought on “Hot Mixtape: Tony Touch 5 Dealy Venoms Of Brooklyn

  1. …Tony Touch is so SO dope !Im a big fan of Toca as both a DJ MC his radio show Toca Tuesdays on Eminems Shade 45 is sick he has incredible artists in every week and this is a mixtape of their freestyles.Tony blessed me on Dancefloor a track he featured on with Greg Nice on Blazin 2010 Which is out NOW !!

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