Weiner shouldn’t resign

tom weiner

Look, the guy lied yes. He cheated on his wife yes (sexting counts). Should he resign? No Weiner shouldn’t resign at all, he made a mistake, a personal one that didn’t have any affect onNew Yorkor this country at all. It’s not like he was texting some state budget info or giving those ladies the inside scoop on what programs would be cut from the state and what tricks are being played to keep some programs under funded. This family value thing that has come up since theClintonyears when he was in the White House slanging dick like a rock star is now getting old. A nice amount of politicians have been getting caught since theClintondays and all just resign. They resign and fade away, the infidelity was political suicide.

Why is it that politics seems to be the only place this resign thing happens. Kobe was accused of rape and had to admit that he was and had been cheating on his wife, the man didn’t quit playing in the NBA and go overseas to finish out his career with that Italian team he owns. Dewayne Wade has cheated on his exwife, fuck it most pro athletes have done this and they still get voted to all star games, we stand by the team and those players themselves. Musicians do it too, hell R. Kelly had an underage chick as his personal sex toy/human toilet and then we found out after the story broke he was married with kids and he still sells units to this day. The cheating on his wife and underage girl aspect didn’t make him feel he had to retire from the spotlight. Do we hold politicians on a higher pedestal and if so why? Who even started this whole if you get caught cheating resign thing?

I do remember about a decade ago most of the people caught cheating in DC were republicans and it was gay related flings. With the average republican voter being so anti gay I could see them retiring just because they seem to pander to those voters so it would only be right to get out of the way and avoid the contradiction they’ve placed themselves in. Then democrats started getting caught and that was more heterosexual stuff and they too resigned when they admitted to infidelity  John Edwards campaign team was willing to sabotage his whole campaign run if he had gotten ahead of Clinton or Obama in 08’. Sabotage a whole presidential run because the guy was cheating on his wife, really?

We don’t ask of this resign thing in our real world at all. A teacher cheats on their spouse we don’t go to the school board wanting that teacher fired. Your boss cheats on their spouse you’re not going to see them put in their two weeks notice once they’ve been caught are you? The pastor of a church cheats and the spouse finds out does that pastor walk away from that church and drop being a pastor all together? No, no, no. Politicians are human and humans do dumb things, one of those dumb things is cheat on their spouse.

Most of these politicians that have been caught cheating post Clinton aren’t even house hold names most of the time. Has anyone even heard of Weiner outside of New York, inNew Yorkbefore this sexting scandal? Why resign because your infidelity will come up in a campaign ad down the line? Look, if that’s what the opposition will use and attempt to make an issue in that election your team has to be smart enough to make the American public feel like dummies for listening to it. Yes if your vote against a person is because he cheated on his wife and not his ability to do his job, you are stupid and shallow as fuck. Get over it people, people cheat shit happens, move on already.


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