10 reason I’m still not sold on Facebook

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I’m still somewhat new to Facebook and I’m also still not sure how it works. There are so many contradictions with the “social site” to me and I figure anyone who thinks like me feels the same. I’m not cool with allowing my info to be put out there just to play games or look at those corny ass someone asked you a question things or those surveys. As of now I really get on FB when I get notifications so my 10 reasons are totally jaded but still make sense.


  1. I remember when FB was for college students


I remember when FB came out around the same time Myspace did. It was like Myspace was the cool place to be and Facebook was for college students who cherished the exclusiveness of the college students only aspect. I’ve even heard people who were on Facebook back then say that’s why they’re not on there now, not sure if that’s a good thing or not?  As of now a few people will admit they’ve made pages for their pets and favorite movie or television character so the college student ONLY thing is truly gone.

2.  It does feel like Myspace now


Minus the customizing your page ( I have seen some ads on sites saying that you can customize your page just haven’t  done on any pages of people I’m friends with), these last few years I’ve been on Facebook it gives me flashbacks of Myspace. I remember the whole concept was to connect with old friends, family, student body program (still thinking old FB) and co workers. But as of late if I meet a person in a bar they want to friend request on FB? Even the profile pictures are myspacey now, big butts and breast shot for chicks and abs and tats for guys. I swear some people are trying to gather friends like on Myspace. Right now I have just a bit over 40 friends and that’s cause I don’t accept everyone, I should because I have this blog and I’m a Hip Hop artist but I just can’t get past the thought of adding the guy you talked about sports with to pass the time at the bar, some chick who thought you looked good at the club, the people who live in my building or the cool cashiers at stores I frequent.

3.  The major contradiction


As I mentioned in my second reason it feels like and looks like other social site now, there are some weird rules. I know a few people who have been suspended from FB for a few days because they abused the friend request thing (?) So when you’re on FB there’s a suggested friends, people you may know and FB informs you how many mutual friends you have with that person. So if you start friend requesting from those “suggestions” and one or more of those non friends complain you’re in trouble and you get some message about what FB is in our lives for. With that being said why even have those “suggestions”? Even crazier is the product stuff that comes up when you say certain things in your post, which brings me to…

4.  All the Product placement


Dating site, video games, classes for something that doesn’t sound like a real class to begin with and sneakers… God is Nike really investing in FB or what? I try to ignore all the stuff on the right side of the screen but it’s hard to sometimes. Hell if you have certain words in your post you find ads on the right side from those words. Again an odd contradiction FB isn’t letting the public in on. With all the corporate love it’s no wonder everything has a FB page and wants you to like it.

5.  I’m not liking every fucking thing


I get like an artists, show, comic book, club and author but I’m not liking Target, Tide, Nike or Google … Every fucking thing has a FB page, every fucking thing. Kansas City Jail has a FB page. Who the fuck is going to like the city jail and follow it, you really need to get latest info on arrests made? It once was supposed to be something for certain companies to be special I take it. Now it’s just a waste of time for everything to have a FB page. Dog food, Car dealerships (not manufacturing brands but the local lots in your area), pawn shops, grocery stores, Malls and clinics want you to like and follow them. I’m pretty sure pimps and hustlers have pages too since strippers and strip clubs do. I would love to come across a crack house FB page, I’d like it just to be different and if it’s local may try to come up on a late night pawn deal.

6.  There’s no dislike button


If you’re friends with me on FB you know I say tons of off putting things if you’re the trendy type of person. I get a nice amount of likes for some comments but I’m sure I’d get a gang of dislikes if that was an option. I know I read shit and just want to ask WTF if I just had a dislike button I’d use it. A friend brought this up to me too and was like Youtube has them why not FB.

7.  A new view on old friends


When you reconnect with old friends you grew up with or you’re older and reconnected with old college friends you realize how many people haven’t changed or have for the worst. Some old friends seem to not be able to live in today’s world, and I get it’s nice to reminisce but all the time comes off like you’re stuck in the past. You’re still getting high with no job and you have kids but you’re always posting going out to the club looking to get “into something” or get it popping, it’s not cool. Of course the flip side is you have friends who once were care free and are no longer in that world. People are now stable and are less about wild times and more about politics and life and the pursuit of completion and you get messages about how much you’ve changed and the comment isn’t a compliment (yeah I fall into this one ALL THE TIME). A lot of times you don’t even comment on the old friends’ page because you’re worlds apart now and the change is in your face. So people tent to put on a front to still seem like they haven’t changed, which is the saddest shit I have ever seen. Current friends seem just as lost when you read their comments verses that of the old friends. To see progression or the lack of it could be good but it is still something that makes me not fully ride on FB.

8.   Hooking up on FB


I’ve had this almost happen to me a few and I’ve also been asked how does it happen on FB? I’m still not sure but FB has so many off putting little detailed things that again are contradicting where people do find single people. A few people I know who were suspended from FB were on their booty call mission, didn’t ask for tips because I’m not that into FB anyway. Hell I’ve seen “Mr. Sex C”, “Ms. All That” and many other odd ass names that imply they’re looking for one thing.

9.  It’s addictive (?)


I know many friends who keep their smart phones on FB just read updates and play games. I only get on here and there a few times a day and that’s when I get comment notifications past that I’m not even logged on. I just don’t get how people do it, I read it all the time how people should have gotten off FB hours ago but didn’t.

10.   Just overrated


Right now FB is the king of the “social networking” world and has been for some time. Like I said I’m not completely impressed and like the fact I can for the most part post on FB without having to be on it at all. Maybe I’ve just never taken the time to get the full experience of FB. That really could be it, if my mind changes I’ll let you know as of now it’s something I can really do without.

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