RSIEH Phonte of Little brother verse on Boondock Saints

little brother

I copped the Separate But Equal mixtape Little Brother did with DJ Drama a few years ago when the Get Back dropped. The mixtape was just sick as fuck from the selection of music used for it to the skits, the Jesus has a Myspace page shit is still funny as fuck to me. One song that really stuck out with me was “Boondocks Saints”. For some reason DJ Drama chose to edit a word out of the song and I really never knew what that word was and was like fuck it. Then I got a hold of the Drama free mixtape and that word wasn’t censored. That word was actually words, three of them, Black Embracement TV. I see why DJ Drama did what he did it’s the same reason DJ Premier really didn’t get loud about BET not shouting Guru out on the regular music award show, those guys ( Drama and Preem) work with BET alot.

The verse by Phonte sums up any REAL black person who is on their Adult shit. Even now if I spit the lyrics around people who know me they automatically think it’s lyrics from some of my shit. Listening to Little Brother has always been like watching The Boondocks in many ways because both parties call us as black people out on our bull shit. So this RSIEH is Phonte verse on Boondocks Saints. I will include everyone’s verse since I will also post the whole song, it would be fucked up to not include everyone’s verse.


Came from a bush baby on a quest to run things
Been in pursuit baby since Master P and that aunt thing
Remember that shit? War with December, that’s it
Coldest nigga walking, know these niggas talking
Out the side of they face, I’m here for a reason
I will die for my space, who’s still gotta get it?
Who’s still pure? Us, and I ain’t having shit
Like a tour bus, receive if you want hell
And Keisha Shantell tried to talk some sense in him
Same day realised there’s no convincing him
Nigga With Attitude like Ren and ‘nem
Got a click of piranhas, I will swim for them
I will tread water until the end for them
You don’t get it though, we are who y’all ain’t
Gets vicious though, it’s like we true, y’all ain’t
L.E.G., Donny, Tigallo, Boondock Saints

Right tack to business off a six-week tour
And I ain’t never seen drama like this before
Got a lot of shit to get off my chest
Some wild shit to address, so I told Khrysis press record
I’ma put it on wax and give you the raw facts
And truth about life and the things I’m dealing with
Black folks saying that I’m too intelligent
And white folks saying I’m a little too niggerish
It got me in a strange predicament
I wish black embarrassment TV was judged more wisely
But I don’t know what’s worse
The fact that they ain’t playing our shit, or that it don’t even surprise me
Because I shucking and cause I ain’t jiving
Some of these crackers won’t stand beside me
And cause I ain’t killing and don’t support pimping
Some of these niggas wanna call me a Cosby
Well, I’ll be that dude, I’ll scratch that itch
I’ll play that role, call me Heathcliff bitch
If this ain’t what you want then fine
But somehow, someway we got to draw that line
And it goes without mentioning, I thought about censoring
This verse so my label and manager stay cool
But as of this recording we ain’t even outsold The Listening
So really what the fuck I got to lose?
Bitch it’s Phontigga, lo the show ripper
Hoe cause my hoes would change week to week
But now my flows be changing from beat to beat
Tell my nigga Jim Bowes he gotta beat the streets
Cause I know that they need us – there’s got to be more to this generation
than dranking and smoking all they weed up
This is my confession with the Embassy
You fuckin imbeciles can put your Rosary Beads up, now

See, Tyson told me hit ’em with the flames first
Challenge the world, bet I drop more names than a Game verse
These rap niggas is plastic
I’m terrorising ciphers, they can’t blame Osama for that shit
Left the seven-one-eight for the nine-nineteen
I’m still home, slid the Y between the N and the C
Hunts Point I did it y’all, look at me shining
Came a long way rhyming, part time and nine-to-fivin’
The game is full of pussies, I can hear it in they rhymes
Got balls for saying that, who dick is bigger than mine?
Pause, walking tall, biggest nigga on campus
Putting shame to all ’em so-called niggas who ran this
I’ve been nice since the early eighties
When I strike your wrist your lady will swallow my million dollar babies
You don’t wanna battle me right?
I guarantee you’ll see more L’s than Puerto Ricans on the lower eastside
Hunts Point, I did it again
I’ve been broke so long the rich will now feel the wrath of my pen
You can tell I got now by the words on this page
I got too big for the corner so I brought it to the stage


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