Could CNN be the other right network?

cnn logo

It’s no secret that CNN is third place news network and seem to have been the most balanced of the major three news networks. After last Monday night being the only network airing Bachmann’s’ speech it could be a sign of a new path for CNN. It could be a semi angle their playing with Bachmann did announce her presidency run on CNN in the debate inNew Hampshire. CNN has also been somewhat the main network following The Tea Party Movement.

CNN has to find a footing in this side taking news network war. These days no one is really looking for a equal opportunity news network for their news. The difference is CNN is a better network then the other two (Fox and MSNBC) because they offer so much more from the many shows about the economic climate of the country to world events. That should be their bread and butter, to beAmerica’s version of the BBC. The problem is unlike the BBC viewers aren’t into world events and feel no need to be. As Americans we have no interest in what European country is struggling to get by with the euro or what developments are taking place in what African countries. Our concern is solely planted firm on domestic soil and CNN is being forced to think smaller. Even Anderson Cooper isn’t globe trotting as hard as he once was. CNN may feel the need to go the one sided route and ultimately ride with The Tea Party but I hope they continue with their broader approach.  I like the fact an American news network is thinking outside ofAmerica, that could just be and the by cable standards hand full people view on that.

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