Casey Anthony Not Guilty, like you didn’t know it would happen

Casey Anthony

I knew this was going to happen, no really I did. Something told me not to look at the verdict, go on about your daily life and finish out what was a bad day for me yesterday. I just felt she was going to get off for some reason.

Look, the decision yesterday could have easily been a race issue BUT O.J. got a not guilty verdict for murder.Kobe got off for rape, R. Kelly and Michael Jackson got off for alleged sex acts with underage partners, so race wasn’t an issue. How about money? Well Phil Spector and the late Jack Kevorkian were found guilty and I’m sure they both had more money Than Casey Anthony. No, what happened here is what happens all the time with big profile cases, the jury finds the defended not guilty. The only person I can think of off the top of my head that this high profile case theory didn’t work for was Scott Peterson. This case went from being barely a blip on the news world radar to becoming something had the internet buzzing for about an hour or so yesterday.

Do I think Casey Anthony murdered her then 2 year old daughter? Hell yes. My reasoning may be different the next persons though. I remember when the news broke and yes Nancy Grace was really following this for 3 years, I want to say 4 because I’m sure the story broke in 07’ (yeah I’m not tracking that info down at all, call me lazy like I care). I do remember the first suspect was a Spanish lady, who was a suspect only by name not by eye witnesses account, just a name Anthony gave to the police, for a week or so no one could find. Once they caught up with the lady she easily was off the hook since she was out of town during the time of the then kidnapping/missing child case. Then Anthony’s boyfriend was a quick suspect. It soon shifted from kidnapping to murder and there was evidence in the trunk of Anthony’s car. I remember her boyfriend was for a brief moment an accomplice of then murder. I remember her parents having her back completely and then one visit too many things changed within the family. I remember the bounty hunters, pro bono detectives and all the so called “specialists” that made the rounds on Nancy Graces’ show. So yeah, I can remember the mood switching from the search for a missing child to the search for the corpse of that child. I remember the how this whole Caylee Anthony story started out as nothing more than an irresponsible mother leaving her child with a stranger to go out and party.

Again this trail just became bigger than it should have been thanks to Nancy Grace in what I like to believe started out as a regular story piece of again an irresponsible mother that turned into to so much more once the Spanish lady was no longer a suspect. From that point I figure the ratings went up for Grace and this was something that touched at her heart, any mothers heart from the tweets and facebook updates I’ve seen, so she ran with this story. For 3 years Nancy Grace had kept viewers up to date with this case. More people followed because CNN really put it in people’s faces and from there more media outlets jumped on it. And again like most high profile cases the defendant walks away, just look at what happened with the Jonbenet Ramsey case.

That really is what happened, the case was a can’t lose case for the prosecution. Right now as you read this there are convicted parents with much less evidence against them than what Anthony had thrown at her. Some parents by the rule of averages may really be innocent but the thought of a parent hurting let alone killing their child is again just a no win situation for the accused parent. If this was something only those in the localFloridaarea knew about she’d be doing time right now. Really her trail would have already taken place, it’s been 3 years, she should be on her second year in prison NOW. No matter how good your lawyer is and how much money you have, a parent being accused of hurting their child will be found guilty over 90% that’s a harsh fact. This time however the fact is she (Anthony) got off, got away with murder literally. Not because the facts against her were weak but because the jury cracked under pressure or something, who knows? Like I said look at our recent track record of major cases of any sort and the conviction rate is just about 10%. So the lesson is if you do a crime hope some T.V. personality takes special interest in it and blows your case up much bigger than it needs to be, you may just be sitting at home watching that television personality and their panel of specialists play Monday quarterback talking about why you’re free.


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