10 Hip Hop collaboration albums that never happened

one nation

Remember all the Hip Hop collaboration albums that you read or heard about back in the day? I mean all the would be albums that had titles and some type of demonstration to go off of? With the Best Of Both Worlds dropping because Jay – Z and R. Kelly songs were so on point on one another albums the thought was they would have a dope album together right? Well yeah that wasn’t a good idea. I personally like to think if the album would have popped off when it was first thought of the outcome may have been different. The thing is there are a nice amount of albums that were thought of but never brought to us for one reason or another. So right now I’d like to give 10 would be albums a nice quick review.

These reviews would be based on the time they were thought of and the sound of the time the album would have been released. I know some MCs suck now as opposed to when they were on the tip of every Hip Hop heads tongue.

  1. Dr. Dre and Ice Cube

dre and cube

Remember when OJ did his now famous getaway in the white Bronco? That was the opening scene in the video of a Dre and Cube song “Natural Born Killaz” that was the teaser to the album they were supposed to dropping around that time. It would have done well both men truly achieved their own identities within the music game at that time. The reunion album would have gone platinum out the gate. I remember the “Let Me Ride” video when cube walks out the ladies room, which was the talk about the video. Maybe D.O.C really did fuck them over by taking the album title Helter Skelter for his own poorly received album. In any event with so much old Dre material that has leaked on the net tracks from those sessions if there were any at all have never leaked out that I’m aware of.

2.   Dr Dre and Rakim


Yeah this was such a long awaited and maybe luckily scrapped idea of a mostly produced by Dre album Oh My God by Rakim. It had a nice ring to it when the news first broke because it was the best MC in the history of Hip Hop and the best producer in Hip Hop getting together. Of course both men had different mindsets and I’m not sure if 5 tracks may have even been recorded, Rakim said some tracks were recorded though. It’s cool no bridges were burned and both parties came away ok I guess?

3.   Foxy Brown and Lil Kim
kim & Foxy

Oh yeah I remember the talks of this would be album Thelma and Louise. If it had happened both women would have held their own because at the time they were the only real female MCs anyone cared about. I’m sure the Da Brat would have made an appearance on at least two tracks since all three women came off good on that Total remix of “No One Else” and JD and Puffy had something going on back then. Not sure who would have handled the production at all since Tone from Trackmasters is Foxy’s cousin and a member of the production team of The Firm and Puffy was trying all he could to be aligned with anything Junior Mafia back then. Given the sound of Ill Na Na this might have been a dud but the thought of this album would have given it an Illmatic type vibe too where the heavyweight producers would have gotten in on it, who knows what would have happened?  It could have been a chance to hear Biggie and Nas on the same track and Nas Biggie and Jay on the same fucking album… that would have made it worth it back then.

4.   Jay-Z, Biggie and Charli Baltimore

biggie and jay

Ah the never capitalized on side project of Biggie and Hova that included the then new girlfriend of Biggie Charli Baltimore who was from Philly ( the name always throws me off) The Commission. Biggie shouts the group out on his second album and we all know the three official tracks Jay and Biggie have recorded before his death. This album would have been like the Junior Mafia project just with more power behind it producer wise. I know Primo would have had tracks on there out the gate, we’re talking 97’, fuck yeah Primo would have about 3 tracks. It would have been even better if the first single was produced byClarkKent who really was running with both men and had a major role in them connecting in the first place. I figure The Lox would have shown up since by this time they were in the cut at Bad Boy. Then again Biggie really kept his side projects separate from Bad Boy which is why I’m not sure Puff would have shown up on this would be album. Of course the death of Big is the reason nothing ever happened, hell Jay never rocked with Charli at all that I know of.

5.  Wu Gambinos

wu logo

This extension of the concept from Only Build From Cuban Links had so many people buzzing about what outside MCs would show up. Word had it The Firm members would have made the list for sure since Nas sealed the deal on “Verbal Intercourse”. The thing is by time this album would have dropped the whole rap mafia thing was dying down, it’s one reason why The Firm project was such a flop. The thought of what Rza would have came up with beat wise is enough to keep this in the cut of “what could have been?” for me.

6.   The Four Horsemen: Ras Kass. Canibus, Killah Priest and Kurupt
The Four Horsemen

The predecessor to Slaughterhouse (Royce, Crooked, Joe Buddens and Joel Ortiz) never got pass a few freestyles together here and there. There are song where two members got together but as far as I know nothing where all four men connected on a song. All dope MCs and if they would have inked a deal the production should have been top notch shit. Daz would have came in and anyone from the Wu production staff even Rza himself maybe would have thrown a track their way. The album would have been all over the place though because all four men really swing for the fences with concepts. It may still happen who knows?

7.   RAGU Rea and Ghost United
rea and ghost

Ever since “Can It All Be All So Simple” dropped as a single in 94’ the thought of an official Ghostface and Reakwon album have kept Hip Hop and Wu fans waiting for the big pay off. The teaser with them joining Method as a trio didn’t help it at all. This album even if done somewhat poorly would still be classic because the chemistry between these two is undeniable. One would hope Rza gets back to his old I’m broke and looking for anything to freak style of beat making for an album with these two… The good ol’ Wu Tang days… Miss that shit.

8.   2Pac and Boot Camp Clik
pac and boot camp clik

This album is actually done but will never see the light of day so this does kinda sorta count. It also is a nice piece of untold history because more and more stories keep coming out about Pac rockin with East Coast dudes during his beef with Big that somehow became a Hip Hop coastal war. It would be nice to have whoever owns the masters or the tracks to give them to Buckshot or somebody so the public can hear that shit

9.   Any Freddie Foxxx collaborative album

freddie foxxx

Freddie Foxx is a true underground dude and he like 50, Lil Wayne, Royce and a few others who have mastered the game of online promotion. The man was really getting back at people and uploading links to free music on Myspace and he keeps it real on Twitter. What Foxxx also has is unreleased albums like a motherfucker. He says he has a project with a few dope producers as well as an album with KRS. As of late I’ve been hearing mad shit he (Foxxx) and Statik Selektah are doing including a track with Nore which is Hot as hell. I’d be cool with just one of those many albums being released, and I don’t mean the one with Primo, that would be too easy since Preem is actually releasing music so far this year.

10.   Nas and DJ Premier

nas and premier

This one comes up every time Nas drops an album and anytime Primo speaks and say he’s talked to Nas. From what Primo says and I’ve heard him say it many times it’s all on Nas. I was glad they didn’t connect on the last few Nas albums as those albums had a theme, not saying Primo wouldn’t have fit in with the scheme of things at all. I’m saying for these two to get together you need that magic where the connection feels right. An album with these two wouldn’t even need to be an album, fuck I’d take and EP. I hope they do it and neither man says anything and out of the blue on Live From Headqcourterz  two songs play from the upcoming album and like that the wait begins… All over again.

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