The difference between Anders Behring Breivik and us in America is what he did not what he thinks

Anders Behring Breivik

So we’ve learned the mayhem that took place inNorwayover the weekend wasn’t some terrorist act but a one man crusade of sorts. The idea was to address an idea that he shares with many not just inEuropebut here at home as well, we hate Muslims. Breivik had a video where he even when on to quote American bloggers who have blogs dedicated to Islamic hate. In one day I like everyone who has listened to the news about this story was introduced to a whole nother world of intolerance. This world is so deep that there are dividing lines of hatred going on within them. As of now many groups are of course denouncing the actions Breivik. One main reason is because his victims were white Europeans and the messages that is filled with hatred towards Muslims gets lost when the victims aren’t Muslim. That is actually the conversation in some forums throughout the web, that his point would have made sense if he had attacked Muslims.

InAmericawe may not be taking things to a violent level but our hate is just as strong. There are people throughout our country that go out of their way to protest the building of a Mosque. We have yet to separate between Islam extremist and all those who follow the Islamic faith and aren’t trying to. We’re the home of a pastor who found it necessary to burn a Quran for reasons that will never be acceptable. We’re one nutjob away from having our own Breivik. Again would that person actions be viewed different if they went out here and shot those of the Islamic faith as opposed to just Christian Americans?

It seems that it is now a global dislike towards Muslims and to keep blaming 9/11 here inAmericaisn’t an excuse anymore at all. This Islamic hate is nothing more than another reason to hate on people of color. Breivik himself did make it a point that he wasn’t taking his hatred to a racist level and somewhat called us here inAmericaout while he made that statement.

Hate is hate no matter how you paint it or act on it. This weekend someone acted on it in a cowardly level. As I’ve said before it’s sad how the internet connects us on many levels from our love for arts to entertainment and hatred. People seem to be flocking to sites where people are against something from race to religion and a way of life which ultimately is making our world a more divided place then ever.

The fact is that what happened inNorwaywill be old news in the next few weeks. The depressing part of that fact is that as well as Breivik actions in Norway will be old news so will the eye opening fact that there are so many hate groups in the world mainly here in America and Europe. Breivik stated that he went to a meeting inLondon, he lived inFranceand bought a farm inNorwaymeans this hate of his has spread to throughoutEuropewith him. What’s to stop the next hatemonger from traveling around then getting fed up and feel the need to express that haired? I’m all for freedom of press and one having hatred, and hate groups aren’t new at all. The fact that people are taking that hatred out to the public is something that needs addressed to put some kind of leash on what can be a deadly trend.


2 thoughts on “The difference between Anders Behring Breivik and us in America is what he did not what he thinks

  1. It was a terrorist act.Terrorism is (definition from a political science class here) Violence, intended to cause terror, for political or ideological reasons.
    He’s a terrorist. Terrorists and terrorism is not restricted to an ethnicity/religion/or political or ideological outlook. The sooner we realize that terrorist is not a synonym for ‘brown person’ or ‘Muslim’ the better.

    • I agree with you that we have some how turned terrorists into something restricted to Muslims. Where I somewhat agree with is the definition and I say somewhat because as Americans we kinda figure new labels for our home grown terrorists from Timothy McVeigh to Jared Lee Loughner. We rarely call them that yet make no hesitation or apologies on calling Muslims terrorists. Again I do agree with you completely.

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