I agree with the Republicans not to raise the debt ceiling however

obama reed boehner
I’m sure by now with all the news coverage this debt ceiling crisis talks is getting the American people see what is happening. This has now become a political strategy on both parties. The plan is to now raise the debt ceiling until next, election year, and no one cares about the American people. This issue should have been fixed before Obama came into office hell before Bush, and during the time it has come up since he has become president. The problem however is always fundamentals between what each party cherishes and wants to get rid of.

One problem is that all we here is both parties want a one sided compromise. Obama wants to of course raise taxes is that 2% and for some reason the Republicans are looking to cut Medicaid and Social Security. We know this because it’s all we hear on the news. I posted a list of the programs that were on the table and to be honest Social Security and Medicaid aren’t as big of a budget cut as the media makes it out to be. The news media again plays into the what both parties are selling as opposed to throwing out a program like Interracial Food Aid grant. That program costs $544 Million, you mean we can’t cut that down a bit or out completely? How about less money given to the Department Of Treasury, hell figure out what to do with all those dollar coins we aren’t using? No, the media somehow finds it better to keep the same talks about taxing the wealthy and Medicaid cuts. It sounds better than talking about programs people have no idea what they’re for and couldn’t give a damn about anyway. Which brings me to the point again why not just place programs like them on the table and sacrifice them to the Republicans and then force the republicans to place that 2% on the table as well.

As of now both parties are divided within themselves, last night John Boehner postponed his address because he didn’t have enough votes on his end. Some republican with good reason aren’t for such compromise like raising the debt ceiling even for six months. They’re right it just continues a cycle that is now out of hand. Harry Reid is looking to extend the debt ceiling to 2013 and he has a few in house issues as well. On the other side it seems the president is once again alone as his party seems to be on their own page without out him and that’s been happening often. With all that’s going on and from what the polls have showed people will blame the republicans if nothing happens. The fact is Obama will pay the price next year in the elections since he is the president.  I’m sure the Republican presidential hopefuls are cool with that.

Obama has just spoken and says he’s looking for something to come across his table by Tuesday. Something needs to happen because playing politics isn’t helping the American people and it’s not helping either party as well. What once seemed ok to watch, this bickering back and forth has now become tiring to the American public. Personally I say it’s about time. All parties are at fault for what is going on and has been going on for decades and raising the debt ceiling does nothing but what previous politicians have been doing, leaving it for the next administration to deal with. We shouldn’t have to raise the debt ceiling just cut programs that won’t directly affect Americans and yes raise taxes since most Americans say they’d be for it if it helps. Again following what John Boehner has said many times the American people have spoken and we are saying we want this dealt with now.


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