You’re damned if you’re do you damned if you don’t

pissed off Obama

So while watching everyone who knows everything talk yesterday and today they all seem to have the answers on what Obama should have done. The problem is Obama is in a no win situation. Everyone claims Vice President (the real President during the Bush years) Cheney would have went with 14th Amendment route. Obama couldn’t have done that, yes it would have made sense but somehow it would be a villainess move. That would be what the Republicans would have pushed and that would have become the talk not what deals that were made but how Obama abused his power. That would have fed into this whole anti Obama pro socialist Obama talks.

The decision he did make and allowing this one sided deal to go by isn’t helping him either. Everywhere you turn people are talking about the things he should have done. You hear it as if Obama had done it there would be no excusable backlash at all. People talk as if anything the Republicans would have said would have been meaningless even to those in his own party. Again not the case.

Look, Clinton got out of debt Bush got us back in.Clintonraised taxes and though people were pissed we were doing ok much better than now and the second term of the Bush administration. This debt ceiling talk came up 7 times during the Bush years and Obama himself voted against raising the debt ceiling, this isn’t anything new. It is however the next big issue to the healthcare issue. The war on terrorist talks isn’t an issue because on Obamas’ watch Bin Laden was killed. No one on either party wants to tackle jobs head on because that means you open the door to wages and retraining Americans and that costs so most politicians do what they have been doing as of late, talk around the issue and use any reason under the sun as an excuse for why there aren’t Americans working.

What is becoming strange and Obama himself can’t seem to get across, and it maybe the lack of trust from the American people, is we need to raise taxes on the wealthy. We need to put the names of those companies willing to ship work overseas because their dodging taxes and regulations. We need to find some sort of fair balanced way to insure all workers for a certain company get paid equal. Right now Ford pays those in Michigan far much than those in the southern states and yes it’s a no brainer more work is going down there.

Everyone is bringing up the Clinton era like it was pre Nixon or something. The American public wouldn’t have been so pissed off about raising taxes at all. The problem is the news media would have chose to go to Tea Party voted in politicians as well those who represent them to get their take on things first and that would have been the news for the next two weeks. Then what we would have gotten accomplished would have been overshadowed by something overblown and the spin would have truly taken it to another level as they have so many times since Obama has been in office.

The guy hasn’t had much of a chance since he got in office, we’ve heard rumblings of getting rid of him as soon as he got there. He came into 2 wars, unemployment and a debt crisis while still having to try to implement his own ideas. Obama could have easily spent his term fixing the mess Bush left behind, but then he’d be viewed as not doing much. He would never have had a chance on doing what he said he’d do and he’d become an easy loser in 2012.  Instead he tried to balance the two and it has yet to work out. Fixing the problems that were left as well as doing what he set out to do hasn’t panned out well at all. Not sure what will pop up before next year but I’m sure it will be big because between the Republicans and the news media everything has become bigger than it needs to be.


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